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As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love Courteney Cox, the actress posted some of her best content yet. She and multi-hyphenate Suzanne Somers teamed up to film an Instagram reel, and it’s simply a joy to watch.

In the short clip, the Friends alum grills burgers with Somers by her side. As Cox places sliced cheese on top of the burgers, the camera slowly reveals both Cox and Somers ‘casually’ using ThighMasters as they simultaneously talk about their dinner. “Cook and tone,” wrote Cox in the caption. Talk about multitasking at its finest.

Here’s how Courteney Cox and Suzanne Somers’ dinner went

The ThighMaster is Somers’ iconic at-home workout device intended to help build inner thigh strength. It’s a resistance exercise tool that users place between their thighs and squeeze repeatedly — just like Cox and Somers do in the video.

When the ThighMaster originally launched in the ’90s, it took the fitness and infomercial industry by storm. “You know, I’ve written 27 books on health. I’ve done 16 or 18 years of series television, I’ve given lectures — and the thing I am best known for is the ThighMaster,” said Somers in a 2020 interview with Entrepreneur. Interestingly enough, the tool was first presented to Somers as an upper-body device called the ‘V-Toner’ — a “very unsexy name,” admitted Somers to the publication.

“I’m staring at it and I said, ‘Does that work for the inner thighs?’” said Somers about the day she first saw the tool. “[A woman] goes, ‘Yeah, but people are more interested in their upper body.’ And I said, ‘Not women!’ And so that day we took over ownership of it and renamed it ThighMaster’” explained Somers in the Entrepreneur interview.

While you certainly don’t need a ThighMaster to get a serious lower body workout at home, Cox and Somers make a pretty strong case for the tool’s convenience in the video.

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