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Virgin Atlantic is upgrading its Upper Class cabin.

To outfit its new Airbus A330-900neo planes, which are 11 percent more fuel efficient than the crafts they’ll replace, the British carrier has designed brand new accommodations for its highest-end bookings. These include two special new seats at the front of the cabin called the Retreat Suites, seen above. They’re the company’s most spacious and luxurious offering to date.

The Retreat Suites will offer flyers a fully flat bed with 6 feet, 7 inches of space when completely extended. The suites also house a 27-inch touchscreen entertainment system that you can connect to your headphones via Bluetooth, as well as wireless charging ports to keep your devices powered up. Opposite the main seat, you’ll find an ottoman that doubles as an extra chair, so you can invite a guest over to dine with you.

Virgin Atlantic's New Upper Class Seats

All of Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class Seats will offer a closing door for privacy.  Virgin Atlantic

“We care about every detail of the cabin design and every step of our customer’s journey,” said Corneel Koster, chief customer and operating officer at Virgin Atlantic, in a statement. “We’re proud to unveil our state-of-the-art A330neo and show the evolution of our customer experience, with each of our customers receiving a premium experience regardless of the cabin they travel in.”

“The A330neo plays a significant role in our multi-billion dollar fleet transformation, demonstrating our commitment to the planet,” the statement continues. “We know the most impactful thing we can do as an airline is to fly the cleanest, greenest, youngest fleet possible, and the A330neo is integral to achieving this goal. It’s truly a plane for the future.”

Virgin Atlantic's New Upper Class Seats

The Loft will have room for eight Upper Class flyers to socialize and grab self-serve refreshments.  Virgin Atlantic

In addition to the new Retreat Suites, the new planes will also offer 30 new Upper Class seats that also provide more space and storage in addition to upgraded amenities including a bigger 17-inch touchscreen TV. All of the seats, including the Retreat Suites, will have a fully closing door for privacy. The new planes will also include the airline’s signature social space, The Loft, with an elevated new design that allows guests to sit and chat over refreshments during the flight.

The fleet’s first route will be between London’s Heathrow and Boston’s Logan airport. Tickets go on sale later this month, with flights expected to take off in October.