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If there’s anyone in the fashion industry who’s always onto the next, it’s Sarah Andelman. The founder of legendary Parisian boutique colette and all-around tastemaker has perpetually led the biz in finding the next big thing, as epitomized by everything that her JUST AN IDEA company gets up to.

Case in point, the JUST AN IDEA book series, now in its third edition. These publications are centered around folks whom Andelman believes “delivers a high dose of wonder,” according to the press notes.

For the third collection of JUST AN IDEA, Andelman and her team created tomes dedicated to artist Chris Labrooy, Tiffany & Co. creative director Ruba Abu-Nimah, photographer Andrew Bush, floral arranger Dr. Lisa Cooper, and Japanese scenesters Verdy and Taro, who issue their creation under Verdy’s Wasted Youth banner.

Each creative brings their own distinct perspective to the book bearing their name, providing art books that go beyond coffee table fare with uniquely playful perspectives aplenty.

For instance, Labrooy is a master of 3D art, able to manipulate and warp familiar cars into whimsically unconceivable placements, Bush lenses flea market shoppers with their newfound scores, Abu-Nimah toys with the medium of graphic contrast, and Verdy and Taro lens point-and-shoot snapshots of Japanese skate crews in situ.

The imagery is all utterly distinct, each book invariably sui generis from its siblings in both tone and subject.

Andelman has kept colette’s joyful hullaballoo alive with subsequent pop-ups and collaborations and JUST AN IDEA provides a window into the merry ethos that made the boutique so exciting: fresh ideas from boundlessly creative folks free to express their wildest dreams.

Like previous editions, the JUST AN IDEA books are available online for €50 (about $50 at current exchange rates) apiece in a limited edition of 400 units per book.