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Valentine’s Day 2023: Your love horoscope for 12 zodiac signs this year

Valentine’s Day on 14 February, is the day of love, not only for romantic declarations, but also affection and care towards friends and family. It is a festival of love celebrated across the globe. If you were wondering how your Valentine’s Day will fare in 2023, scroll on for a reading of your love horoscope, according to your zodiac sign.

It is believed that Saint Valentine helped the Christians escape the harsh Roman prisons. In doing so, he fell in love with the daughter of the jailor, who used to visit him during his confinement. Before his death, on 14 February, he wrote a letter to his lover, and he signed that letter with ‘from your Valentine’.

Another story is that King Claudius believed single men made better soldiers, so he did not allow young people to get married. Saint Valentine started to get the couples married secretly. When the king found out he ordered his troops to put Saint Valentine to death. The day was 14 February. People are said to celebrate Valentine’s Day to remember the Saint who died uniting the lovers.

The most logical explanation is that mid-February, the avian mating season begins, and this day is associated with lovebirds. They have a strong monogamous pair bonding and spend long periods sitting and being together.

Astrologically, Valentine’s Day and week is going to be special as Venus the planet of love, beauty, harmony, and affection will be transiting to Pisces, on 15 February, the sign it is most comfortable in, this is its exaltation sign. Some zodiac natives will fall in love, some will want to fall in love, some will stay in love, some would turn romantic, some would tie the knot, and few might not be lucky in love. Other planetary motions and transits will also be affecting the Valentine’s love story of each zodiac sign.

Symbols that are used today include hearts, roses, cuddly stuffed toys, balloons, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. The idea is to have a good time and celebrate love in whichever way you are comfortable.

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Aries Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Aries Valentine's Day week horoscope

This Valentine’s Day will bring mixed results for natives belonging to this zodiac sign. Arians are adventurous and energetic, and they love surprises. If you have an Arian partner, the best way is to plan a surprise outing.  They might not be exuberant in expression, but these people love deeply and passionately. You have full chances of finding your soul mate this Valentine week.

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Taurus Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Taurus Valentine's Day week horoscope

Taureans are known for being stubborn, but they are warm and kind hearted. They make loyal and committed love. They do not mind romancing as long as the partner is not to demanding and overbearing. They are great planners and if your Valentine is a Taurus sun sign, expect a great Valentine’s Day celebration. They are fond of gifts but they would appreciate romantic gestures and intimacy in a relationship. Taureans might find true love this Valentine week.

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Gemini Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Gemini Valentine's Day week horoscope

For those belonging to this zodiac sign, Valentine’s Day 2023 is going to be special. Natives of this zodiac, express themselves extremely well; they can make their partner ecstatic with words and gestures. People of this zodiac will create magic and on this Valentine’s week. This zodiac sign natives are likely to find their true love.

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Cancer Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Cancer Valentine's Day week horoscope

The natives of this Sun sign are romantics. They believe in fairy tale romance, gifts cards, teddies – they love it all. This expressive and loving sign will strengthen the bonds of love and friendship this Valentine day and week. All misunderstandings of the past will be cleared and Cancerians will feel enthusiastic and elated in their relationships. They will go all out and enjoy this day to the fullest.

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Leo Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Leo Valentine's Day week horoscope

Leos are known for their loyalty and love, and Valentine’s week is a time for them to express their affection. They love to pamper their partner with romantic dates, an exclusive dinner or an extravagant present. They expect the same from their partner as they like being pampered. Leo natives need to be careful about matters related to love. Express your feelings wisely and give time to your loved ones.  If you are not in a relationship, you might meet your love mate.

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Virgo Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Virgo Valentine's Day week horoscope

The most practical of all the sun signs. Flowers and presents are too flamboyant for their liking; in fact they are uptight with all the fuss about Valentine’s Day. They are logic-driven and would be content to believe that Valentine’s Day is just another day. They are wooed by thoughtful acts of service. Virgo natives are very likely to get back their lost love this Valentine’s week. February 14 is going to be a very special day for the Virgo zodiac sign.

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Libra Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Libra Valentine's Day week horoscope

People born under this sign are perfectionists and like to express their feelings in a perfect way. They would indulge in grand gestures and would like to give their partner an unforgettable experience this Valentine week. If you want to please your Libra mate make sure your planning is perfect and flawless. 14 February will be special for love and romance for this zodiac.

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Scorpio Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Scorpio Valentine's Day week horoscope

Passion is one term that comes to mind while thinking of Valentine’s Day for Scorpio natives. They cannot segregate emotions from passion and this week is all about love and passion for them. Love poetry, music, a heartfelt love letter is how they are likely to communicate their feelings to evoke love and libido this week. They might face some disappointing moments though.

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Sagittarius Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Sagittarius Valentine's Day week horoscope

This Sun sign natives believe in true and genuine love; they would not like to waste their time and energy in frivolous and superficial gestures. They are blessed with a good sense of judgement about people and can often see through the intentions of the partner. They would rather spend a meaningful and good time with their loved ones then indulge in farce of expressing and gifting. Sagittarians will have a good time with family this Valentine’s week.

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Capricorn Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Capricorn Valentine's Day week horoscope

People born under this sign are practical, rational and pragmatic. They will not be pleased with gifts and flowers; they do not like to indulge in public romantic overtures. For them love is a private emotion to be shared only with loved ones. This Valentine’s week is lucky for Capricorn natives as they will find true love.

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Aquarius Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Aquarius Valentine's Day week horoscope

Aquarians do not express their feelings openly. They are very private people and they would rather have rationality than romance. They are gregarious and love to meet new people all the time. Valentine’s Day is a happy occasion of merrymaking and meeting friends and family. They celebrate love and romance throughout the year rather than restricting it to a day. Stars foretell that luck will support them and there is a possibility of finding true love.

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Pisces Valentine’s Day week horoscope

Pisces Valentine's Day week horoscope

Pisceans are all about giving rather than taking. They have the most generous heart of all the zodiac signs. They go out for everyone – their friends, family and partners. All water signs are emotional and generous signs, but natives of this zodiac have the largest heart of them all. They like to celebrate life to the fullest with fervour and gusto. This week will be exceptionally favourable for Pisceans for love and romance.