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After two years or so of spending a whole lot more time at home cooking for yourself, the best Amazon Prime Day kitchen deals 2022 has to offer are here to help. But not for long! These are the last few hours to make good on the savings. So, if it’s high time you replaced that crummy, blackened pot of yours with a fresh new cast iron looker, started making your own fizzy water instead of shelling out for fancy seltzers, or finally caved on the air fryer hype, it’s now or never. Yes, Prime Day can make all your home and kitchen upgrade dreams come true, with serious deals on everything from state-of-the-art cookware to low-key hacks—don’t sleep on the Stasher reusable snack bags—that’ll make your cleaning and meal prep days a whole lot easier. 

Prime Day comes to a close within the next couple hours, so don’t forget to sign up for a Prime account, if you haven’t already, to indulge in some sweet, sweet two-day shipping. Without further ado, the best Amazon Prime Day kitchen deals that are still going strong today.

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  • Ninja OS401 Foodi 12-in-1 XL 8 qt. pressure cooker

    Congratulations, you’ve now entered your “set it and forget it” meal-prep era.

  • Cuisinart Prep 9-Cup food processor

    Major flex: “I make my own pesto.”

  • ZeroWater 23-cup water filter pitcher

    With this giant pitcher, you’ve got no excuse not to hit your water intake goals.