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U-Boat Worx Nexus
Image: U-Boat

U-Boat Worx, a leader in commercial and private multi-passenger submarine operations, has launched its Nexus series of submersibles, depth-rated to 200m and available in two different hull sizes for seven and eight people, or nine if two are children.

Nexus offers an immersive connection due to its fully transparent elliptical pressure hull, an increased internal volume per occupant and U-Boat Worx’ signature revolving seating arrangement.

U-Boat Worx Nexus sitting
Image: U-Boat

The Nexus features 900-914 litres of interior space per adult in its standard configuration, identical to the famous Cruise Sub 7. The seating arrangement consists of six luxury full-size business-class seats for adults, with three on each pilot’s side.

The Nexus 8 has a user-configurable seat for a guest, scientist or expedition leader and can be converted to a comfortable bench that seats two children (up to the age of 12) for nine occupants.

“U-Boat Worx has poured its vast accumulation of experience, fresh ideas and technical developments into the Nexus to offer the most high-end subsea experience,” the company stated. “The layout gives passengers more leg room, greater ceiling height and a larger amount of personal space than found on any other submersible in the industry.”

The company also describes the Nexus as “the fastest multi-passenger submarine on the market”, with its industry-leading battery capacity powering eight thrusters. The model has also been designed for towing, often used for long-distance mobilisation.

U-Boat Worx Nexus front
Image: U-Boat

Another design achievement is the Nexus’ ability to move in any direction, as proven in the Cruise Sub series. In addition to forward, reverse, up and down, the submersible can also move laterally, which increases the submersible’s object approach and dive efficiency, as well as passenger views and pilot freedom.

To improve access, the Nexus is designed to be stable yet manoeuvrable on the surface. A 90cm freeboard, handrails, grips and steps help to board, while the Nexus and Cruise Subs provide enough deck space to hold all occupants. The Nexus is also equipped with the industry’s largest-diameter hatch, which further assists boarding, while an elevator is an option.

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