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Malachite accessories have seen a massive surge in popularity in recent months. This guide on trends to watch: malachite accessories will provide our top recommendations to keep your style on trend this Autumn. Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral with a unique look. The crystal has opaque transparency with a uniquely patterned surface. When malachite is cut, each stone reveals banding and concentric designs. This crystal was first uncovered in Egypt but has since been found all over the world. It has had many uses throughout the centuries, from makeup to jewellery. Today, malachite holds the meaning of transformation and positive change. It is believed to have immense powers of protection. Be sure to include some malachite in your Autumn styling with this trends to watch: malachite accessories guide.

Our Top Malachite Accessories Recommendations

Trends to Watch: Malachite Accessories

Herbelin Antares Green Malachite Dial Case H17444APS06

This incredibly unique Herbelin watch has a huge amount of versatility, making it a brilliant addition to any collection. The entire dial of this watch is created using a sheet of malachite. The malachite has been cut to reveal its unusual patterns, ensuring that each model is entirely different from any other. This makes the watch a lovely addition for someone who loves to stand out from the crowd. The stunning green dial is simply adorned with silver hour and minute hands so as not to distract from the crystal’s design. A rectangular stainless steel case frames this dial and houses the reliable quartz movement that powers the watch. This model comes from Herbelin’s Antares collection meaning that it can be paired with any of the straps from this family to create a unique style.

ChloBo Leaf Heart Malachite Gold Plated Bracelet GBMFB3241

The striking combination of gold and green used in the design of this bracelet is sure to make it stand out on the wrist. The bracelet combines gold-plated sterling silver beads with bold green malachite beads. The beads are mostly spherical to create a stylish and uniform look around the wrist. They are punctuated by larger, gold-plated sterling silver charms. These charms are designed in the shape of leaves to give this accessory a natural and exotic feel. The bold colour combination of green and gold makes this bracelet a brilliant accessory for the Autumn season.

Trends to Watch: Malachite Accessories

Thomas Sabo | Glam And Soul | Women’s Garden Spirit | Malachite Gold WA0365-264-211-33

Thomas Sabo is known for its bold and unique watch designs. This model is no exception with its eye-catching combination of gold and green features. The dial of this watch is created using malachite, perfectly exhibiting the unique banding effect of the crystal. The dial features a simple set of gold hands which beautifully contrast their green backdrop. A gold-toned stainless steel case frames this dial, continuing the gold colour palette for a cohesive look. This model is secured on the wrist using a gold-toned stainless steel mesh bracelet. However, the bracelet is also detailed with an iconic bold Thomas Sabo-style design. It is textured to create a boho pattern that will complement any style.

Thomas Sabo Brown Green Black Stone Charm Bracelet X0217-947-7-L17,5

This bold and colourful bracelet is the perfect choice for lovers of crystals. The design incorporates multiple crystals with various colours, looks and meanings to create a striking everyday accessory. The bracelet exhibits a neutral and versatile design, making it a great choice for both men and women. This accessory is threaded with spherical beads made from simulated malachite, tiger’s eye, jasper, heliotrope and obsidian. Although the crystals used in this piece are not natural, they capture the essence of the real thing perfectly. It also allows the bracelet to be given a more affordable price tag. A sterling silver charm is positioned at the centre of the bracelet. It features a small hoop that can be used as a charm holder to create a more personalised look.

Trends to Watch: Malachite Accessories

Daniel Wellington Quadro Women’s Rectangular Green Dial DW00100437

Rose gold accessories have been on-trend for a long time, but they are showing no signs of going anywhere. This model uses an unusual combination of rose gold and green to complement any other accessories in a collection. The bold malachite dial of this timepiece exhibits a rectangular shape with rounded corners to create a flattering fit on the wearer’s wrist. This dial is adorned with rose gold baton indices and rose gold hour and minute hands. The rose gold tone of the stainless steel case complements the features of the dial. This case houses the precise quartz movement that powers the watch. The design of this timepiece is completed with a rose gold-toned stainless steel mesh bracelet to create a modern aesthetic.

ChloBo Malachite Ring of Protection Medium SR2M

ChloBo’s beaded rings are a brilliant way to add a contemporary and distinctive look to any jewellery collection. This ring is created using sterling silver and malachite beads which are alternated to encircle the finger. The vibrant malachite beads are precisely faceted to ensure that they catch the light from every angle to glisten on the hand. ChloBo has acknowledged the spiritual meaning of malachite by naming this accessory the ‘ring of protection’. This crystal is believed to protect its wearer, making this ring a beautiful gift for any loved one.

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