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If you’re dreaming of an Italian getaway, your dreams might just come true. A town in southern Italy, called Presicce, is paying people EUR 30,000 (INR 25 lakhs, approx) to move in! Here’s all you need to know about this scheme.

Over the last few years, towns in Italy have been coming up with new, innovative schemes to attract visitors and residents. Coming out of a need to bring back people to its long dilapidated villages, the schemes included selling homes at just EUR 1 (approx RM4.72) or offering benefits to visitors, these places have attracted tourists, allowing them to experience Italy like never before and helping boost these small, run-down towns.

Now, the beautiful town of Presicce, which is located in the sunny region of Puglia in southern Italy, is out with a new scheme. According to media reports, the town officials stated that they will pay people up to EUR 30,000 (approx RM141,470), to buy an empty house and move in there.

What you need to know about the deal this town in Italy has

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The homes in this town that are up for sale as part of this deal are priced around EUR 25,000 (approx RM117,891), a report in CNN states. These homes, like so many others in the beautiful country, have been abandoned by their previous owners, leading to these cheap property sales to attract visitors and residents.

What makes the offer so incredible is the fact that Presicce-Presicce-Acquarica – consisting of Presicce and Acquarica del Capo towns – are picturesque, with marvellous churches and winding streets. Apart from scenic views, these towns also come filled with fragrant olive trees, and delectable food. It is even close to beautiful beaches and clear waters, making it great to spend the summers in.

However, if the scheme seems like a lucrative offer to you, there is a catch – you’ll have to commit using that money to buying a house here and registering it as your official address. Apart from that, the cash incentive will only be able to be used towards buying or renovating the property, and can be used to only cover 50 per cent of the total costs that you incur, writes Timeout.

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