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Spotlighting local ingredients, Messina joins Little Bao in the creation of two limited-edition gelato flavours, available this July.

Do you feel it? The steamy sweltering stickiness heavy in the air. There’s the infamous Hong Kong summer. Now that we’re well and truly in the midst of insufferable top 20s, feels-like-30-degree weather, there will be those who flock immediately to the nearest body of sparkling, cool blue waters, and then others that find immediate solace from a sweet, soothing icy something — like gelato.

No need to look far for the former; there are countless hidden coves and beaches lining the city’s outlying islands. Fortunately, the latter won’t have to break a sweat, either. This July, renowned Australian gelato brand, Messina — who made its exciting debut in the city last October — joins the bao experts of Little Bao in the creation of two limited-edition, Hong Kong-style gelato flavours, available for three weeks beginning 30 June.

messina x little bao collaboration
May Chow, chef-founder of Little Bao, with Karys Logue, group pastry chef at Black Sheep Restuarnats

“We wanted to create something very local, very authentically Hong Kong,” shares Karys Logue, group pastry chef at Black Sheep Restaurants. May Chow, chef-founder of Little Bao, continues, “We love twisting things [at Little Bao], finding new ways to showcase ingredients we know and love. This is just another way we like to infuse a unique, creative spirit into our food.”

Following a straightforward brief tasked to showcase stalwart ingredients pulled from the local food scene, the two custom flavours includes Lil’ Bean, infused with fermented black beans, or 豆豉 (dou si), a savoury condiment popularly used for steaming and stewing. In this sweetened edition, the black beans are rehydrated to draw out the distinct robust aroma before blended. The milky beige scoop is additionally sprinkled with a crumbled dou si shortbread, rolled out with hazelnut flour for extra nuttiness.

The second: Se’same but Different. A creamy white gelato made with toasted white sesame that is prepared entirely in-house from the grinding to toasting. It’s complemented by a crunchy chilli crisp made by crushing crispy thin crepes, or feuilletine, with chilli-infused butter, sugar, honey and fresh-chopped chillis. A final ribbon of soy sauce caramel swirl — made, of course, with Kowloon Soy Company’s premium soy sauce — completes the at-once salty, sweet and spicy profile.

messina x little bao collaboration
Se’Same But Different Gelato Bao ($48),
messina x little bao collaboration
Lil’ Bean Waffle ($98)

For solely the gelato, head straight to Messina’s extensive, 35-flavour gelato bar on Pottinger Street. But for those who enjoys a little extra occasion when sampling the special-made, limited edition creations, head to Little Bao. The comfort-casual eatery will be serving both flavours with a signature LB twist: Se’Same But Different sandwiched between classic golden fluffy baos, and Lil’ Bean double-scooped over a charcoal Belgian waffle with fresh cream, banana and mini cookies.

Messina x Little Bao limited-edition “Hong Kong Specials” is available at Messina and Little Bao respectively from 30 June.

Messina, 37-43 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong
Little Bao, various locations including 1-3 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong

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