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If you’ve wanted to go on a river cruise while making the most of your water travel experience, here’s something for you. Antara Luxury River Cruises is set to embark on the world’s longest river cruise this December, with guests getting both onshore and offshore experiences every day.

Travelling is an experience that not only takes us places physically, but transports us into a whole new world mentally as well. Among the most fun ways to travel is to embark on a cruise, complete with vast waters, exploring new cities and towns, and meeting new people onboard. And if this is an experience right up your alley, Antara Luxury River Cruises is set to embark on the world’s longest river cruise this December!

All you need to know about the world’s longest river cruise

The 51-day journey aboard the Antara Ganga Vilas ship will traverse through the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers. The journey will begin in Uttar Pradesh’s Kashi, travelling through 27 smaller rivers, five states and two countries, before ending at Dibrugarh, Assam.

The journey will take guests through the country’s north-eastern region and other South Asian countries, allowing travellers to experience the region’s culture. Indulge in the history and cuisine of the places you visit, or simply spend some time at leisure. What’s more, in case you do not want to embark on the 51-day trip on the longest river cruise, you can opt for particular destinations via a hop-on-hop-off format!

Speaking about the itinerary, Raj Singh, chairman of the company, told Financial Express, “Each experience has been personally vetted and designed by me for fellow enthusiastic travellers. The historical route has been finalised with the support, assistance and cooperation of the governments of India and Bangladesh, which are working together to ensure seamless travel between the two countries.”

The cruise also aims to create minimal environmental impact and keep its carbon emissions to an all-time low.

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Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Alonso Reyes/Unsplash

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