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We thought we had thoroughly waved goodbye to thin brows, but as it turns out, thanks to Gen Z, skinny eyebrows are back in fashion. Here’s how this blasphemy came about, and how we can still make it work in 2022.

While thin eyebrows might have been one trend we thought we’d never have to deal with again, that was before Generation Z came along with their increasing infatuation for all things ’90s. As a result, tweezers are back in use to thin out the brow line as much as possible, while also taking Millennials back to one of the worst beauty traumas of their teen years.

As if the return of the bucket hat, cycling shorts and the sleeveless down jacket wasn’t enough, Gen Zers just had to fall head over heels for skinny eyebrows. A nightmare situation for anyone who (already) had to deal with this unavoidable trend a couple of decades ago, and who — by extension — experienced the ordeal of regrowth. Never again, we said… And yet two decades later, here we are — ultra-thin eyebrows are back with a bang.

Skinny brows are definitely one of the top beauty trends of 2022, winning over younger generations — those who didn’t have to endure them in the 1990s and 2000s. Like many trends that have emerged in recent months, it’s the craze for those two decades that seems to be driving the return of those two ultra-thin lines sitting atop your eyes. After months and months of celebrating thick, full and natural brows, beauty buffs are now backpedaling to embrace a trend that was previously considered one of the worst faux pas committed in the beauty world.

Thin eyebrows: From the catwalk to social media

A key figure in fashion, as well as on social media, supermodel Bella Hadid has played a part in bringing back skinny brows. Not content with walking the runway with a tiny line above her eyes — giving bad ideas to the greatest designers and make-up artists in the world — the star has also taken it upon herself to flaunt them on social networks. No sooner said than done, her tens of millions of followers — and that’s a lot (too many!) — jumped straight onto the trend of the moment, making search interest for “thin eyebrows” skyrocket on many platforms.

On TikTok, the craze for super-skinny eyebrows has flourished in the last few months, all over the world. This means that the phenomenon is unlikely to fade, especially since interest in this beauty trend has even given rise to various kinds of challenges. All of which makes us think — by the way — that some will soon come to regret having embarked on this complex hair removal process.

It’s worth noting, however, that Gen Zers — generally savvier than their elders — have not embraced the trend in the same form as in the 1990s and 2000s. Not only is the line a little thicker — forget about those pencil-drawn lines — but the brow only really gets thinner towards the end. That’s good news for our dignity, although many videos posted on TikTok (already) show a certain propensity to pluck away with a vengeance. A world of advice — if in the slightest doubt, go see a trained beautician.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews. 

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