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Ready to dive deep into the best that natural skincare can offer? Kew Organics highlights the true power of water in your day-to-day skincare routine, while RE:ERTH will make you rethink the many benefits of turmeric.

The old adage ‘when in doubt, go back to nature’ has never rung truer than where skincare is concerned. While everyone’s skin is different, there’s usually not much to debate when it comes to organic or all-natural products. But with so many brands to choose from, as well as buzzwords like ‘nontoxic’, ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ floating around, it’s easy to be spoiled for choice — and so, we’ve rounded up two homegrown skincare brands from Singapore that dare to be different.

These two brands are also part of the Made With Passion initiative, which celebrates made-in-Singapore brands that bring to life the country’s spirit of making passion possible. Made With Passion highlights brands across Singapore’s diverse lifestyle sector from beauty and wellness to fashion and accessories, as well as home décor and food and beverages.


As its name implies, RE:ERTH returns to the roots for its products — a ‘re-encounter’ with earth, so to speak. Its skincare formulas stem from nature-derived ingredients such as the Japanese White Turmeric and the Japanese Spring Turmeric. Turmeric as an ingredient in skincare is vastly underrated, and so RE:ERTH reintroduces it as a key element in its products.

Originally found at the foot of Mount Aso, the Japanese White Turmeric and Japanese Spring Turmeric are now exclusively cultivated in the Kyushu region of Japan, and are treasured for its role as nature’s healing botanicals. The leaf and root extract of the Japanese White Turmeric contains nutrients that do wonders for the skin: provide a natural protective barrier, stimulate cell production and altogether promote firmer, more supple skin.

The Japanese Spring Turmeric, on the other hand, has a decorated history of use in Japanese traditional medicine. For centuries, farmers and their community have enjoyed the tradition of turmeric tea and relied on it for physical strength and longevity, and of course, for the skin — a brighter, more lucent appearance.

These ingredients are patented to RE:ERTH, which means you can only experience the true potency of the Japanese turmeric through this brand’s skincare line.

To learn more about RE:ERTH, visit its official website or Instagram page.

Kew Organics

Another ingredient that we really shouldn’t be sleeping on when it comes to skincare is water. It’s remarkable how much we tend to overlook water-based products, especially when most come with a string of benefits to boot — they don’t leave your skin feeling sticky or oily; they absorb into the skin almost instantly and are still just as moisturising as the heavier creams.

First launched in 2014, water-based skincare brand Kew Organics ​​has since grown to include five bespoke facial and retail salons in Singapore. Kew Organics was created when founder Lily Kew scoured around in search of a solution for her acne-prone skin, but to no avail. Skin doctors, beauty salons and trade shows alike prescribed her harsh, alcohol-based products and treatments with chemical ingredients that did more damage than good. And so, after a lengthy journey of research, Lily found salvation in the form of water-based organic skincare that proved ideal for Asian skin and the Singapore climate.

As of today, Kew Organics offers much to encourage clean and healthy skincare — from its water-based organic products for acne-prone skin to its very own bespoke facial and body treatments.

Find out more about Kew Organics by visiting its official website, or follow its Instagram page for updates.

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