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Kástra Elión is a family-owned, premium sipping vodka made from hand-picked Greek olives from the coastal town of Nafpaktos.

Think of vodka and you most likely think of a Russian or Polish blend, with good reason. 

Traditionally, vodka is made by distilling liquid from fermented potatoes or cereal grains. The earliest creation of vodka dates back to 1430 when a Russian monk named Chudov Monastery, who had superior knowledge of distillation, whipped up the first batch then known as ‘bread wine’. 

Since then, vodka can be created using any starch- or sugar-rich plant matter — some brands use honey or fruit. Kástra Elión uses a different and unique base material: Greek olives. Family-owned and crafted in Greece, the vodka’s story is intertwined with Greek history and culture. 

The olives are hand-plucked from the Nafpaktos, an historic coastal town that is well-known to Greeks but not often visited by tourists. The most popular product of Nafpaktos is virgin olive oil — you’ll find a great deal of olive groves around the pretty town.

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The olives are blended with premium grains before distillation in handmade copper stills. Once distilled, mineral-rich spring water is added. The water comes from the Taygetus mountain range which is partly formed of crystalline limestone. The blend is then left to rest for 30 days to allow “further smoothing of the notes.”

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The result is a full-bodied vodka with a pleasant hint of saltiness and buttery finish. While it can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, it is a delectable addition to any cocktail.


1.5 oz Kástra Elión Vodka

0.5 oz Aperol 

0.5 oz Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato 

4 oz Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 

4 oz Sparkling Wine 


Add ice cubes to a balloon glass. Build all ingredients in glass and stir. Garnish with an orange twist and a sprig of oregano.

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