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Nike is responsible for creating a long line of the world’s most favored and celebrated sneaker silhouettes in history, but that doesn’t mean it hits the nail on the head every time. If internet reactions are anything to go by, the Jordan Two Trey is a prime example of when it completely missing the mark.

What goes up must come down, especially where risk-taking, experimentation, and evolution are concerned. For Nike to continue to deliver sneaker bangers, there needs to be an odd mishap. Generally, what has been considered a miss is down to personal preference, but; when a loud majority passionately shares a distaste for a silhouette, it tends to be for good reason.

Who would waste the time 🀣🀣🀣

β€” TBoone (@TravisB45604539) May 12, 2022

For some reason or another, Jordan Brand often seems to be the home of Frankenstein-like experimentation, leading to some interesting hybrid sneakers that generally fail to achieve longevity.

There are a handful of examples – the Air Jordan Legacy 312, Air Jordan 1.5, the Dub Zero, Spiz’ike, Fusion 4 (and plenty of other Fusion iterations), and the Sixty Plus.

Looks terrible. What are they thinking.

β€” NikkiLA22πŸ• (@NikkiLA22) May 11, 2022

This shoe makes me sad πŸ˜”


Putting together the best parts of fan-favorite sneakers sounds great, in theory, and sometimes, like in the case of the Air Max 90/1, they’re fire. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Two Trey is such an example.

The silhouette combines the 11, 7, and 8 (all sneakers that Michael Jordan has won a ring wearing); and has appeared in a couple of faithful renditions of adored AJ11 colorways.

Judging by online reactions, which you can find scattered throughout this piece, the consensus is that these have been poorly executed. Personally, I’m not a fan, and think Jordan Brand could put this effort back into creating unique takes on classics instead of re-releasing past colorways.

This is extremely disrespectful

β€” La Casanegra (@MalikonIce) May 9, 2022

That being said, if you’re looking to grab a pair of the “Raptors” colorway via Nike later this year.

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