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‘The Glory Part 2’ and other hotly-awaited K-dramas releasing in March

From popular revenge thriller The Glory Part 2 starring Song Hye Kyo, to new ventures such as Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, Divorce Attorney Shin and Romantic Guest House, here’s a guide to the upcoming K-dramas all set for a March 2023 release.

Taking things a notch higher, Korean dramas have been currently ruling both streaming platforms and television broadcasts alike. So much so that streaming giants such as Netflix ensure that the supply of K-drama content remains uninterrupted for their viewers every month.

K-dramaland is filled with new offerings of late. The returning series The Glory, which reportedly recorded over 25.4 million hours of worldwide viewership in just three days after release on 30 December 2022 as per Soompi, recently dropped its trailer for part two. It is all set to air on 10 March 2023.

On the other end of the spectrum, the upcoming sci-fi thriller Duty After School aligns with hit shows like All Of Us Are Dead (2022) and promises an in-depth look into a world plagued by sinister slime-like creatures that threaten human life.

So, if you are all set to enjoy a K-drama-packed month, spanning various genres, here’s everything new you need to binge on.

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Upcoming K-dramas to keep you enthralled in March

Directed by: Kang Sol and Park Dae-hee

Cast: Yoon Chan-young, Bang Min-ah, Kim Min-suk

Episodes: 12

Release date: 1 March

Synopsis: This Genie TV Original follows an intelligent young taxi driver Seo Young Min (Yoon) whose life is turned upside down because of his ability to see ghosts, but he makes sure to grant them their last wishes. He soon meets a ghost who suffers from memory loss (Bang) and both get attached. The story takes a different turn when both join forces to solve a crime and start tracing a serial killer.

(Image: Courtesy kstudiogenie/Twitter)

Directed by: Kim Seung-ho and Lee Han-joon

Cast: Bona, Woo Do-hwan, Cha Hak-yeon

Episodes: 16

Release date: 31 March

Synopsis: This webtoon-based historical drama of the same name follows the story of a lawyer named Kang Han-soo (Woo) in Joseon Dynasty, who takes revenge against the perpetrator who caused his parent’s death.

He later becomes an attorney with a motive to help the common people and is helped for the same by an honest judge, Yoo Ji-Sun (Cha). The much needed romantic angle of this legal K-drama is brought in with Han-soo eventually falling for princess Lee Yeon-joo (Bona).

(Image: Courtesy mbcdrama_now/Instagram)

3 /10

Divorce Attorney Shin

Divorce Attorney Shin

Directed by: Lee Jae-hoon

Cast: Cho Seung-woo, Han Hye-jin, Kim Sung-kyun, Jung Moon-sung

Episodes: 12

Release date: 4 March

Synopsis: One of the much-awaited courtroom K-dramas releasing in March, this show follows the story of a talented music professor turned divorce lawyer Shin Sung-han (Cho). Fueled by childhood woes, Sung-han mostly deals with misfortunate clients and tries to help them get justice. Additionally, his journey from Germany to South Korea to become a divorce lawyer might also have a hidden motive.

About the show: This new K-drama is based on a webcomic called Shinsunghan, Yihon (2019) by Kang Tae-kyung, and published by Kakao.

(Image: Courtesy jtbcdrama/Instagram)

Directed by: Han Hee

Cast: Jang Dong-yoon, Seol In-a, Choo Yeong-woo, Do Sang-woo, Seunghee

Episodes: 16

Release date: 6 March

Synopsis: The upcoming drama revolves around two childhood rivals cum friends named Lee Du-hak (Jang), a poor yet smart high school student and hot-headed Choi Cheol-woong (Choo). The show’s 1990’s setting is a perfect match to the innocent love blossoming between Du-hak and a student named Oh Jung-shin (Seol), who has been newly transferred. However, with Cheol-woong too falling for Jung-shin, the path to love doesn’t seem easy.

(Image: Courtesy KBS_Drama/Twitter)

5 /10

The Glory Part 2

Directed by: Ahn Gil Ho

Cast: Song Hye-kyo, Lim Ji-yeon, Lee Do-hyun

Episodes: 8

Release date: 10 March

Synopsis: The first part of The Glory saw the mercilessly abused high schooler Moon Dong-eun (Song) wait for years to avenge her bullies. In part two, audiences will see the fight between Dong-eun and Park Yeon-jin (one of the main bullies, played by Lim) which is to finally begin.

About the show: Although the makers have been tight-lipped about the plot for part two, director Ahn reveals that the story of the perpetrators getting punished will be told dynamically in a way that will have your eyes glued to the screen. All the loose ends will be tied up,” as per Soompi.

(Image: Courtesy Netflix/Twitter)

6 /10

Pandora Beneath the Paradise

Pandora Beneath the Paradise

Directed by: Choi Hyeong-Hun

Cast: Lee Ji-ah, Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong, Bong Tae-gyu

Episodes: 16

Release date: 11 March

Synopsis: Hong Tae-ra’s (Lee Ji-ah) peaceful married life with her husband Pyo Jae-hyun (Lee Sang-yoon) is disrupted when her long lost memory comes back, and she faces an unnerving past. Now, Tae-ra must become the First Lady of Korea to protect her husband and their little daughter.

(Image: Courtesy CJnDrama/Twitter)

Directed by: Shin Chang Seok

Cast: Shin Go-eun, Choi Yoon-young, Lee Chae-young

Episodes: 100

Release date: 14 March

Synopsis: When Jung Gyeol (Shin) loses her eyesight and starts suffering from the ‘Locked-In Syndrome’ because of her husband and his mistress, she goes through the greatest transformation ever to win her life battles again.

(Image: Courtesy KBS_drama/Twitter)

8 /10

Romantic Guest House

Romantic Guest House

Directed by: Kim Jung-min

Cast: Shin Ye-eun, Ryeoun, Kang Hoon, Jung Gun-joo,

Episodes: 18

Release date: 20 March

Synopsis: The drama series revolves around the story of Yoon Dan-o (Shin), who runs the Ihwawon Inn and attends its scholarly guests including Kang San (Ryeoun), Kim Shi-yeol (Kang) and Jung Yoo-ha (Jung), who visit Hanyang to appear for a government exam.

(Image: Courtesy SBSNOW/Twitter)

9 /10

The Real One Has Appeared!

The Real One Has Appeared!

Directed by: Han Joon-seo

Cast: Baek Jin-hee, Ahn Jae-hyeon

Episodes: 50

Release date: 25 March

Synopsis: One of the highly anticipated upcoming romantic K-dramas, The Real One Has Appeared! revolves around two strangers — Yeon-doo (Baek), a single mother and Tae-kyung (Ahn), a single OB-GYN. With the latter having no faith in love and family, will he be able to recognise his ‘real one’?

(Image: Courtesy KBS_drama/Twitter)

Directed by: Sung Yong-Il

Cast: Shin Hyun-soo, Lee Soon-won, Lim Se-mi

Episodes: 10

Release date: TBA

Synopsis: Keeping in mind an ongoing alien attack on earth, the Korean government orders universities and high schools to organise student reserve forces to increase their military power. When allotted a high school of 2nd and 3rd graders, platoon leader Lee Choon-ho (Shin), sergeant Kim Won-bin (Lee) and Park Eun-young (Lim) together try to keep things at bay throughout the human-alien war.

About the show: This upcoming show based on Naver published webcomic Banggwa Hoo Jeonjaenghwaldong by Ha Il-Kwon (2012), makes for one of the most refreshing K-dramas releasing in March.

(Image: Courtesy tvingdotcom/Twitter)