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London’s illustrious The Hari Hotel is the latest to jump on the ever-growing gin trend, having released its own branded bottle in partnership with its sister hotel in Hong Kong.

Although it is made in the traditional London Dry method, the gin is a celebration of the Indian heritage of the hotel’s CEO and chairman, Aron Hariela, with a combination of cardamom, cassia bark, star anise and cloves creating a warming and spicy spirit.

But, don’t let the word ‘spicy’ put you off. Unlike other spice-forward gins, Hari Gin is more subtle, allowing its distinct notes to slowly seep through instead of hitting you the second you take your first sip.

To mark the launch, The Hari has launched a series of Hartini cocktails, all of which are available to be enjoyed in the hotel’s intimate Hari Bar. On the new menu is The Classico, which combines the Hari Gin with vermouth, grapefruit and Indian bitters; Hot to Handle, featuring gin, lemon, sugar and a hit of tabasco; The Secret Lover, which mixes pomegranate and peach; and finally, the Gin ‘n’ Jam – a summer-ready combo of gin, blackcurrant and lemon.

the gin n jam cocktail by the hari gin

While the lack of vermouth excludes the Gin ‘n’ Jam cocktail from officially being labeled a martini, the combination of sugary blackcurrant jam and zesty lemon is a time-honored favorite, with the subtle spiciness of The Hari Gin elevating this cocktail to new heights.

To celebrate the launch of its new gin and cocktail menu, The Hari has revealed the recipe for the Gin ‘n’ Jam for budding mixologists to try their hand at home. Dried fruit to garnish isn’t an essential, but is always an easy way to impress at your next cocktail party.

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  • 1¾ oz The Hari Gin
  • 1 tsp blackcurrant jam
  • ¾ oz lemon juice
  • Tonic water (to taste)
  • Dried orange slice
  • Dried blackcurrants


Combine the gin, jam and lemon juice with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake thoroughly. Double strain over ice into a highball glass and top with tonic water. Garnish with a dried orange slice and a sprinkle of dried blackcurrant.

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