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DC Studios, and by extension the DCEU, has been in the news lately because of the major overhaul that it’s currently going through. With new films and series being developed and other franchises being cancelled, the future of many of our favourite characters is, to put it simply, quite up in the air. Well, one character that we definitely won’t have to worry about seeing again is The Flash, as the trailer for the new movie finally dropped on Monday during the Super Bowl.

Here is what we know so far about the exciting new entry in the DCEU.

What is The Flash’s new movie about?

The Flash movie trailer
Image credits: Courtesy IMDb

Starring Ezra Miller in the titular role, The Flash will see the superhero travel back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. However, his actions have unintended consequences, and now the future of humanity is at risk as well. The trailer also showed us a glimpse of General Zod promising to be a deadly nemesis, although fortunately for Barry, he is not alone in this fight. Speaking of which…

Michael Keaton returns as Batman after 30 years!

First poster for Michael Keaton as Batman in ‘THE FLASH’. pic.twitter.com/OmtAhBjCDx

— DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) February 13, 2023

Perhaps the most exciting part about The Flash’s trailer was the appearance of Michael Keaton aka the original Batman who is returning as the caped crusader after three decades. The film will also see the return of Ben Affleck as the Batman we’ve grown to love in the DCEU. Besides the two Batmans, the trailer also showed us a brief glimpse of another one of Barry’s allies aka Supergirl.

How Twitter is responding to the new trailer

While Twitter is praising the return of Michael Keaton, fans are a bit apprehensive about the new movie, given Ezra Miller’s controversies (and lack of accountability).

Michael Keaton…I love his Batman but not enough to overlook or ignore the fact that THE FLASH in this film is played by Ezra Miller, who has yet to face any consequences for the harm caused and violence done to people including minors, around the world.

It’s still NO for me. https://t.co/cnXbA2uOk5

— Carolyn Hinds – 🇧🇧🗺 (@CarrieCnh12) February 13, 2023

Imagine going back to 1989 when Batman and Last Crusade are in theaters & your younger self asks what are you all excited about in 2023 & answering Michael Keaton playing Batman and Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones. pic.twitter.com/zKlSUNWQ1s

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) February 13, 2023

THIS LOOKS INSANE!!! #TheFlash pic.twitter.com/DmPDa2wod8

— Matt Ramos (@therealsupes) February 12, 2023

Ezra Miller seeing everyone forget what he did cuz the Flash movie trailer 1looks good pic.twitter.com/C2JLM4oAcy

— Brixks 🦌🏴‍☠️ (@_brixks_) February 13, 2023

Watch the trailer of ‘The Flash’ below:

(Hero and feature image: Courtesy YouTube/DC) 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: When will The Flash movie release?

Answer: The Flash will be hitting theatres on 16 June, 2023.

Question: Where can I watch The Flash movie trailer?

Answer: You can watch the trailer for The Flash on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Question: Who directed The Flash movie?

Answer: The Flash is directed by Andrés Muschietti.

Question: Who is returning in The Flash movie?

Answer: Ezra Miller is returning as the titular character in The Flash. Also returning is Ben Affleck as Batman and, more interestingly, Michael Keaton as the OG Batman.