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Every now and then, we take a break from tracking down the best menswear on the web and direct our finely honed shopping acumen elsewhere: to the best non-menswear releases of the last few weeks. From nifty kitchen upgrades to headache-saving tech, this is all the new gear worth your time and hard-earned dollars.

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  • Parachute Pillow sofa

    Parachute branched out from bed sheets with a line of bed frames, and now it’s going deeper into the furniture realm with sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Its Pillow sofa feels like the sort of thing you’d want to sink in day into and day out, and it comes in 12 dreamy colorways.

  • Momofuku ghost pepper chili crunch

    Momofuku’s chili crunch is so good that we spent a whole newsletter raving about it. The original is great, but if you’re craving something hotter (and we mean really, really hot), then there’s a new ghost pepper version of it that’ll melt your face off. It has the same umami-packed flavor of the original but with just an extra kick of heat. It’s worth getting just to know how high your heat tolerance is—and to, of course, spice up everything you eat.

  • Knoll Newson task chair

    If you don’t know Marc Newson’s name, you surely know his designs. In fact, you’re probably wearing one: the Apple Watch. The industrial designer’s latest release is with furniture brand Knoll in the form of a new office chair. Featuring a floating-style seat, the Newson chair has an innovative tilt feature, which also gives the chair a unique design that has yet to be seen in the office chair world. Plus, it has all the standard customizations—like tilt control, seat depth, arm motion—to make this feel less like a task chair and more like a throne.