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ear piercing trends

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed that ear piercings are incredibly popular right now. Here are eight of the most popular ear piercing trends right now.

Unlike your childhood piercings, the modern version is all about having a look that’s tailored to your ears and aesthetics. You can’t go wrong when it comes to customising your ear, whether you prefer ultra-stacked, bohemian vibes or a delicate and minimalist look. Don’t know where to start? To get you inspired, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest ear piercing ideas of all time.

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8 ear piercing trends of 2022

Inner conch piercing

What could be more stunning than a single conch piercing? The double conch, of course. We are delighted to see conch piercings make a comeback, more so with the ’90s back in trend again. They’re also a terrific statement piercing for folks who are sick of seeing the same normcore minimalist jewellery everywhere. You will however, have to be patient with this one; because this happens in the cartilage, it can take up to a year to mend, according to experts.

Daith piercing

Daith piercings can be quite painful, but when they look this good, the sacrifice is well worth it. Keep it simple with a singular gold hoop or pair it with delicate studs for an incredibly minimalist vibe.

Double ear piercing


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Do you prefer a more minimalist look? This double lobe piercing is simply and sleek, especially when paired with rhinestone earrings.

Floating cartilage


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If you want to make a statement, this is the look for you. For a carefully crafted aesthetic, mix plain studs with different sized crystals.

The subtle ear piercing

Want a well-curated ear that’s effortless chic? Look to this subtle, trendy ear-piercing concept for ultimate inspiration. Tiny gold hoops and earrings are the way to go here.

Stacked lobe


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If you’re too afraid to venture into cartilage area, don’t worry. Instead, stack the earrings on your lobes. According to experts, some people would request to just ‘fill up’ their ear in a neat, evenly spaced row, while others will be encouraged to make some very personalised cluster piercings.



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Unconventional options like tragus piercings are gaining popularity for their subtlety. This is one of the most understated piercings. It’s not immediately noticeable since it’s so near to your face. One of the best things about tragus ear piercings is that they look as stunning with single or double piercings as they do with a fully stacked lobe.

Industrial piercing

This piercing looks fabulous with studs, and you may wear different earrings or keep them all the same depending on your style. Though they are difficult to heal due to the fact that they are two cartilage piercings instead of one, go for it if a, well, industrial aesthetic is what you’re after.

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