The Bonds of Love: Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong on growing as a couple

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The Bonds of Love: Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong on growing as a couple

Symbolising connection and togetherness, the new Tiffany Lock bracelets also embody the bonds that bring people together.

The bracelets are designed to be worn by all genders and feature a unique clasp that swivels and snaps into place. It is a reference to the padlock, a signature motif from the house’s archives, that represents unbreakable bonds.

For married couple Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong, their bond was cemented in their teens. A self-professed “quiet girl” from a conservative family, Cheryl was struck by her first sighting of Roy.

“I was at the 7-11 store opposite our school. Someone suddenly caught my eye. It was a weird feeling because I’ve never experienced it before. Time stood still for a while.”

For Roy, he first saw Cheryl while in a queue to get their school admissions slip signed. “We were queuing for almost an hour. All of us were in school uniform but Cheryl arrived in her own clothes and cut everybody’s queue while being escorted by a school teacher. That was when I first noticed her. I was wondering who this person was.” 

A lunch date with friends at Siglap’s Cafe Cartel transpired into a friendship, and eventually bloomed into a relationship. But their journey together wasn’t always smooth-sailing. The two weathered distance and long bouts of time apart when they worked separately on their own aspirations. This often meant being countries apart.

On Cheryl: Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Sixteen Stone ring with diamonds; Tiffany Lock Bangle in White Gold with Diamond Accents; Tiffany Lock Bangle in Yellow and White Gold with Half Pavé Diamonds; Rasario via Net-A-Porter

On Roy: Tiffany T T1 Ring in White Gold, 4.5mm wide; Tiffany T True wide ring in 18k white gold, 5.5 mm wide; Tiffany Lock Bangle in Yellow Gold; Tiffany Lock Bangle in Rose and White Gold with Half Pavé Diamonds; Dolce & Gabbana

What kept them together was a shared intention for the future. “We knew that we wanted to get married and start a family one day. We were working towards that common goal so it didn’t matter that we couldn’t meet everyday. We wanted to explore our own goals, so that by the time we get married, we’d have no regrets and be ready to settle down. It’s always about helping each other to reach their potential,” says Roy.

Now married for almost six years with three young kids in tow, the two are focused on growing beauty and wellness brand Cheryl W. Cheryl works on the formulations and marketing, while Roy focuses on the business development and finances.

Tiffany & Co. has sentimental significance for the two, as Roy’s first gift to her was a necklace with a heart pendant from the Tiffany & Co. and Frank Gehry collection. As they reminisce, it is clear that the house remains close their hearts.

I watch them move with the quiet confidence of long-time lovers at our digital cover shoot. With the Tiffany Lock bracelets clad on their wrists, they gaze upon each other in a cosy embrace, assured in their bond.

Videographer: ANDREW GOH
Art Direction: AUDREY CHAN

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