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The Best White TShirts for Men in 2023 That GQ Editors Swear By

    Photographs: Getty Images; Collage by Gabe Conte

    24 clean, crisp tees for every body type, style, and budget.

    You could spend hours—hell, days—searching for the best white T-shirts for men. Or you could take a shortcut and just stand on the shoulders of the poor saps who’ve already done all the hunting—or, err, the experts who’ve conducted all the real-world field research so that you don’t have to. We are those saps experts. When it comes to style basics like white tees and jeans, we’ve tried ‘em all like it’s our job. (It is.) And because GQ isn’t staffed by robots with carbon-copy bodies, we all have different preferences. Below are our battled-tested, hard-won, expert opinions on the go-to white T-shirts we swear by—and actually live in. For a quick rundown of some the biggest hits, peep a few of the highlights below.

    The Perennial Favorites

    The Deep Cuts

    The Bulk Buys

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    • 1/24

      Gildan heavy cotton T-shirt (two-pack)

      Gildan’s heavy cotton tees have ample room in the shoulders and that perfect in-between length that can be tucked in or tucked out (without looking like a nightgown). Invest in a 10-pack and you’re looking at three bucks a shirt. —Martin Mulkeen, Global Commerce Category Director

    • 2/24

      Uniqlo U crew neck short-sleeve T-shirt

      Tyler, the Creator wore a Uniqlo U tee, so Tyler, the GQ Editor (yours truly) also wore a Uniqlo U tee. Okay, so that’s not exactly how it came to be my favorite tee, because I’ve been on the U wave ever since Uniqlo and Christophe Lemaire first got together. The medium-weight shirt has the perfect amount of oomph for winter and summer wear—and those seasons in between—but it’s the length of the body (right around my hips) and sleeves (just above my elbow) that make this the winner for me. A quick scan of the ol’ GQ office confirms that I’m very much not alone. —Tyler Chin, Associate Commerce Editor

    • 3/24

      Kirkland Signature men’s crew neck T-shirt (6-pack)

      Do not sleep on Kirkland Signature. Heavy weight and a little long. Good for activities. —Noah Johnson, Global Style Director

    • 4/24

      3sixteen heavyweight pocket T-shirts (2-pack)

      I’ve had a couple of these thick, perfect-fitting tees since 2014. In that time, they’ve survived a scooter trip through rural Vietnam, touch football games with my nephews in the backyard, getting tossed in an industrial dryer from the ‘70s, being hand washed in a lake in northern Ontario, dozens of mosh pits I was too old to be in, and my buddy’s slobbery dog sitting on my chest for an entire NBA playoff game. They still look more or less exactly the way they did when I first bought them—not a hole or stain or stretched collar in sight. —Yang-Yi Goh, Style Editor

    • 5/24

      Everybody.World Trash tee

      You’d think there would be a bunch of 100-percent recycled T-shirts on the market. But there’s basically only one: the Everybody World Trash Tee. Which is one reason why it has become the blank of choice for eco-minded fashion upstarts like Online Ceramics and Eden Power Corp. The other reason is the Trash Tee has a perfectly boxy fit and feels as soft as any T-shirt made out of virgin cotton. —Samuel Hine, Fashion Writer

    • 6/24

      Lady White Co. “Our T-Shirt” (2-pack)

      Lady White Co.’s shirts strike the kind of balance I need: they’re more substantial than the big-box tees I know and love, but they’re not so precious that I can’t afford to grab a few whenever I need to re-up. They’re cut, sewn, and knit in LA, and the crunch-to-softness ratio is dialed all the way in. —Samuel Schube, GQ Sports Director

    • 7/24

      FGS Originals heavy-weight T-shirt

      These heavyweight tees from Front General Store are very good, an ideal triangulation of heft, thickness, and price point. The only downside is they don’t restock very often. —Chris Gayomali, Articles Editor

    • 8/24

      Outerknown Sojourn tee

      If I could pick one word to describe this T-shirt it would be…heavenly. It’s pricey, yes, but the fit is perfect and the feel is so soft and incredibly comfortable. And with Outerknown’s mission to protecting the environment and supporting fair labor, what’s not to love? If you’re shelling out for a nice tee, this is the perfect match. —James Pettigrew, Director, Content Development, Branded Entertainment, Style & Lifestyle, US

    • 9/24

      Buck Mason Field Spec cotton heavy tee

      In a sea of plain white tees, Buck Mason’s Field Spec tee is a revelation. The fabric feels both substantial and peachy soft straight out of the plastic. The construction is top notch, as well. My main issue with most tees is this: I prefer my tees on the relaxed side but most tees are just way too long on my 5’9″ frame. Not Buck Mason. For me the medium fits SPOT ON. Now I don’t have to be the crazy person who takes their T-shirts to the tailor (not anymore, anyway). Judging by the constantly sold-out status, plenty of other dudes feel the same.  —Gerald Ortiz, Style Commerce Writer

    • 10/24

      Pact Softspun crew neck tee

      I was skeptical about Pact’s aggressively basic basics until a white tee somehow ended up in my lap a few years back. And in basically every situation I need a white tee to tuck into a skirt or layer under a cardigan, this one has just the right amount of structure to trump every other tee in my collection: It’s not too flimsy, not too rigidly boxy, and super lightweight when it’s straight-up swampy outside. The women’s version is slightly more fitted and curve-conforming then the mens’ one here, but they’re both made from the same delightful Softspun organic cotton, which feels as it’s gone through the wash a dozen times (and looks as good as new). —Lori Keong, Contributing Editor

    • 11/24

      Sugar Cane “Whitesville” Japanese-made T-shirts (2-pack)

      They aren’t kidding about the Quali-T. If I could only own one $45(ish) white tee it’d be this one. —Doug Guida, Video Editor, TikTok

    • 12/24

      Velva Sheen regular tee

      Velva Sheen’s signature tubular-knit style is cut from a soft cotton (with single-stitch hems) that fits trim and hits high on the bicep, making for a flattering silhouette that looks A-1 on everyone. —Avidan Grossman, Style Commerce Editor

    • 13/24

      Everlane organic cotton crew

      I was late to the Everlane train and missing out big time. This shirt is so soft, fits great, and doesn’t break the bank! —Izzy Goldberg, Communications Associate

    • 14/24

      Noah classic pocket tee

      A staple product at Noah and an essential workhorse in my wardrobe, the classic pocket tee is a high quality top for a solid price. Its fabric is soft, fit is boxy, and the popular Noah logo provides some subtle flair without the need of any top layer. Tuck these into some jeans and your look is finished. —Kyle Hodge, Associate Director of Commerce

    • 15/24

      Swan Brand fine cotton long oversized T-shirt

      These T-shirts from Pearl River Mart are staples in my closet and have been for the last 20+ years. They’re simple and trend-less, which means they go with everything. And for the price, they’re surprisingly well-made and can last a million washes. Still, I live by the tenet that if you love and live in something, buy it in bulk because you never know when it’ll be discontinued. Proof—I’ve got about 10 in my closet in case of emergency! —Stephanie Tran, Senior Visuals Editor

    • 16/24

      Topman extreme oversize fit cotton T-shirt

      If you prefer an oversized fit, this Topman tee is for you. Slouchy dropped shoulders all the way! —Christian Rosa, Associate Manager, Social Media

    • 17/24

      Dickies 2-pack short-sleeve pocket T-shirts

      The plain ol’ white Dickies tees are big, boxy, and kind of make you look like you’ve been lifting. Plus, the fabric is soft but feels workwear tough, in a good way—like a baseball glove you’ve had for years. —Joel Pavelski, Global Director of Content Strategy

    • 18/24

      The Row “Luke” T-shirt

      There are plenty of good white T-shirts on the market, but there’s only one that’s perfect. Of course, it’s by The Row. The “Luke” cotton T-shirt looks casual, but feels just as soft as their cashmere. —Anthony O’Baner, Assistant to the Global Editorial Director

    • 19/24

      Hanes Premium crew neck T-shirt (six-pack)

      The perfect undershirt or weekend white tee that’ll give you that rugged, grease monkey vibe. Soft, inexpensive, and easy to restock when the grimy armpit stains become unwashable, you’ll forget you have it on. —Kevin Schlittenhardt, Senior Manager, Audience Development

    • 20/24

      Gildan Hammer T-shirt (2-Pack)

      The preferred T-shirt of bands and bootleggers around the world. —Gabe Conte, Web Producer

    • 21/24

      Fruit of the Loom Dual Defense UPF pocket T-shirt

      Years ago I got caught in a downpour on a hike outside Taos, had to pop into a Walmart for dry clothes on the way to dinner, and found the tee that works for me. Has a pocket! —Chris Cohen, Wellness Editor

    • 22/24

      Reformation Perfect Vintage tee

      I would live in this shirt if I could. It’s that cozy. —Melissa Yang, Associate Manager, Social Media

    • 23/24

      Banana Republic Supima cotton crew neck T-Shirt

      Banana Republic’s white T-shirt does double duty as a crisp undershirt or standalone tee, because it’s slim enough to make a wavy button-down pop yet boxy enough for a tuck into your favorite pleated pants. Truly, the Goldilocks of white tees. —Alex Wedel, Audience Development Manager

    • 24/24

      Sunspel classic T-shirt

      I fell in love with Sunspel’s classic white T-shirt while living in Miami. The combination of lightweight Supima cotton and the best damn proportions I’ve ever seen on a tee quickly turned this into my shirt of choice to help combat all that Florida humidity, whether I was pairing it with swim trunks or a linen suit. Plus the raised collar detail gives it a slightly elevated vibe that helps me justify the $90 price tag. —Mick Rouse, Deputy to the Global Research Director