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From the “‘I’m-backpacking-my-way-through-Thailand’ traveller,” to the happy honeymooners, here are the seven types of travellers spotted at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

As Suvarnabhumi Airport is back to welcoming tourists, our welcome banner is presented in the form of this article: a people-watching hobby evolved into an observational piece. Here, we list out the different types of travellers spotted at Thailand’s main airport. To up the fun factor, each traveller type comes with a brief description. Are you outrightly ‘the one that comes with a lot of baggage’ type? Or shamelessly the ‘unfashionably late traveller’ type? Whether you’re a local reading and relating to this or you’re an international replacing this with your Lonely Planet guide, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it. No shame, no judgement, just a whimsical little piece.

[Hero and featured image credit: Ruben Sukatendel/Unsplash]

The 7 types of travellers at Suvarnabhumi Airport

The ‘I’m-backpacking-my-way-through-Thailand’ traveller 

Image credit: Chris Hayashi/Unsplash

Fanny pack? Check. Worn-out backpack? Check. Elephant pants? Check. Sak Yant back tattoo? Check. Combine all of these together, and we have the ‘I’m-backpacking-my-way-through Thailand’ type of traveller. Unlike Joey, they’re not backpacking across Western Europe; they’re backpacking across the Land of Smiles. At the airport, they’re usually spotted seated on the floor, whereas, on the outside, they’re either tasting scorpions on Khaosan Road or camping it up in Chiang Mai. 

The one that comes with a lot of baggage 

Image credit: krakenimages/Unsplash

You hear the sound of a rolling suitcase before you hear the carrier, this is ‘the one that comes with a lot of baggage.’ Armed with a suitcase in one hand, a carry-on in the other, a bag on the shoulder, and a backpack on the back – their ability to carry countless baggage is truly commendable. Whether it’s a trip to The Hunger Games arena or an appearance on Selling Sunset, this type is prepared for pretty much any and all situations. The custodian of baggage, the over-packer: whatever you want to call them, it’s astute to be on their good side because if you need something, because you know they’ll have it. 

The HiSos 

Image credit: Gabrielle Henderson/Unsplash

You know they’re wealthy and notorious because they want you to know they’re wealthy and notorious. Forever fabulous and always ready for a soirée, you’ll spot this type checking in at the fast-track lane or making their way to their first-class flight with a pitstop at one of the airport lounges. All glammed up and blinged up, the HiSos usually travel in packs and in unreasonably high stilettos (or designer sneakers), and they may effortlessly make you reevaluate your own airport couture. 

The telltale tourist 

types of travellers
Image credit: Alicia Steels/Unsplash

We’ve got the map, the cap, and the strap – this type is the epitome of a tourist. Equipped with a camera around the neck and a smile on their face, you can tell they’re thrilled to explore the country. They absolutely cannot wait to explore Thailand. A tourist in every sense of the word, they’ll greet locals with Sawasdee and as much Thai language they managed to learn from a travel app, while hunting down the best pad Thai they bookmarked weeks ago before the trip. The itinerary of ‘the telltale tourist’ refers to the touring of Phuket, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, and the Instagram will be packed with shots from the journey for weeks.

The suave business traveller

Image credit: Gustavo Fring/Pexels

Strutting around dressed in a suit and leather shoes accompanied by a briefcase and a white-collar demeanour, chances are that ‘the suave business traveller’ is voyaging to Singapore for their two-day business conference with a transit in Bangkok. We presume they’ll be escorted to a snazzy property as they arrive at their destination, driver waiting with name placard in hand. Airports are their second home and it goes without saying that they’re flying business class, with access to all the lounges, with all their loyalty and membership cards.

The happy honeymooners 

Image credit: Wayan Parmana/Unsplash

Perhaps a little too happy at times, next on the list are the happy honeymooners. Adorable and a little annoying, the couple is dressed in matching tropical outfits and are all over each other. They’re in love and excited to embark on this journey together. They’re sleeping on each other’s shoulders at the gate, they’re talking in baby voices on the plane, and they cannot for the life of them stop being lovey-dovey. Relationship goals, much to the cringe of everyone else.

The unfashionably late passenger

types of travellers
Image credit: Sergey Zolkin/Unsplash

Fighting a constant battle between their inherent unpunctual personality and their attempt to be on time, the unfashionably late passenger is frantically rushing to the gate with the hopes and dreams of making it in time. They know it’s time to sprint as they hear their name blasting through the airport speakers. It’s likely that receiving a special mention in a panic-inducing public announcement is nothing new to them. Also, it’s no coincidence this type of traveller is last on our list. They barely made it. You know who you are.

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