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Year after year, holiday after holiday, our parents treat us to gifts big and small—the silly and the significant, the under-wrapped and the over-priced. Christmas gifts, graduation presents and mile-marking goodies remind us of meaningful moments. We relive birthdays by wrapping up in a big, cozy blanket; we remember getting our first apartments by cooking proper dinners with top-quality pots and pans; we celebrate an exciting life chapter by burning a luxurious candle; and we chip away at a gift card, month after month, at our favorite homeware store. 

These gifts are thoughtful records of what we needed, what we liked and what we enjoyed. Over the years, they have reminded us that our moms and dads know us better than we’d like believe. Now it’s time to return the favor. Whether they’re biological, adopted or chosen, this guide sheds light on the best gift ideas, regardless of occasion. From home décor necessities to skincare must-haves, check out the ultimate selection of thoughtful gifts for parents.

Best Gift for Design Patrons

Isamu Noguchi Akari Light Sculpture

The renowned designer and artist Isamu Noguchi gained prominence for a multifaceted career that spanned six decades. Most notably, Noguchi rose to fame with the release of his interior objects, specifically the suite of “Akari” light sculptures made of washi paper. For the “Akari 1A” included here, he designed a bulbous triangular shape held up by painted steel wire legs. Since its release, art and design collectors around the world have coveted its timeless silhouette. Fit for the patron of culture and art in your life, the lamp will give off a nice glow throughout the night.    

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Best Gift for Scent Swappers

Costa Brazil Unisex Fragrance

Founded by Francisco Costa in 2018, Costa Brazil aims to create eco-friendly products that are advantageous to the body, spirit and planet. Of note are the brand’s soothing fragrances, offered in oils, spray-on parfums, candles and more. For the parents that believe sharing is caring, and practice that method across home and bath items, the brand’s unisex Aroma fragrance is a fan favorite. Evoking smoky scents from the Amazon jungle—including patchouli, cedar, vetiver, grapefruit zest and pink pepper—this gift will unleash the beast within. 

Buy Now Costa Brazil: $198

Best Gift for Hosts

Tom Dixon Twenty Tank Water Set

In celebration of the British designer Tom Dixon’s 20th anniversary, the brand has unveiled a limited-edition collection of drinkware sets. Featuring a silver platinum brushstroke that’s been hand-painted by Polish artisans, the pieces recall the company’s obsession with metallics, as well as the sculptural and functional shapes of technical glassware. Wrapped in gift-worthy packaging and ready for delivery, the set includes a water decanter and two lowball glasses that are perfect for parents who make everything—even drinking water—an occasion.

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Best Gift for Skincare Advocates 

Lyma Laser Starter Kit

Recently flashed on social media by skin and wellness experts like Joanna Czech and Ricari Studios, the Lyma laser is an at-home skincare tool aimed at treating aging skin’s wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Approved by the FDA, the medical-grade cool laser technology resurfaces, rejuvenates and tightens the skin without abrasive movements. Shaped like a small flashlight, it is turned on by a bottom button and glides across the face. The instrument is an excellent gift for the couple who are hoping to feel and look their best.

Buy Now on Lyma: $2695

Best Gift for Margarita Masters  

Baccarat x Martha Stewart Margarita Glasses

For over two centuries, Baccarat has been crafting some of the world’s best crystal. Recently, it expanded upon its dedication to offering quality items for hosts via a collaboration with the one and only Martha Stewart. The partnership features two handcrafted Margarita glasses, made of Baccarat crystal. For those interested in completing the full set, the collab also includes a pitcher, ice bucket and two tumbler glasses. This sophisticated, one-of-a-kind gift is great for the parents who still regularly celebrate happy hour—at home.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $450

Best Gift for the Disinfectant Obsessed 

Diptyque Multi-Surface Cleaner

Brand new and perfect for those who regularly spritz, spray and scrub down all surfaces of the home is Diptyque’s latest line of multi-surface cleaners, La Droguerie. Rather than adopting a previous scent, the French brand has created an all-new formula that not only decreases but smells uniquely fresh. Inside a brown Ecocert-certified glass bottle is a natural detergent filled with delicate aromas of vinegar, lavender, cedar and fig. From the kitchen to the phone, no surface is off limits.

Buy Now on Diptyque Paris: $40

Best Gift for Sustainability Sticklers

Pela Earth Lomi Electric Composter

We all combat food waste in different ways—from reheating leftovers and throwing vegetables in the trash to using the garbage disposal. Composting, however, is on the rise for its responsible approach to breaking down waste. Lucky for the parent who’s reluctant to mishandle food scraps, Pela Earth has created Lomi, an efficient composting appliance for the countertop. Compact and sleek, the product turns food waste into odor-neutralized dirt in as little as four hours, reducing weekly garbage by up to 80 percent. Each Lomi includes the design’s first 45 cycles of filter pods, which can easily be re-ordered.

Buy Now on Amazon:: $499.95

Best Gift for the Cold Intolerant

Louis Vuitton Neo Monogram Blanket

There is no better way to ring in the cooler months than to snuggle up under a luxurious blanket.  Woven in wool and cashmere, Louis Vuitton’s Neo Monogram blanket is the perfect representation of this sentiment, stretching almost six feet long and over four feet wide. If your parents are always cold, refuse to leave the fireplace’s side or need an excuse to watch football on Sundays under a plush blanket, this is a must-buy.

Buy Now on Louis Vuitton: $1510

Best Gift for Luxury Beauty Lovers

Guerlain Abeille Royale Four-Piece Set

The French luxury skincare company Guerlain has a steadfast commitment to science and sustainability. Equally as concerned with sourcing and consuming high-quality ingredients in ways that don’t harm the consumer or the planet—like sourcing honey from the black bees on UNESCO-protected Ouessant Island. One of its collections, Abeille, features an array of products that produce visibly firmer, smoother and more radiant skin. There are products specific to skin tone and texture texture, but this set features a handful of them, including the line’s beloved day cream, youth watery oil, fortifying lotion and Double R serum.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $220

Best Gift for Champagne Snobs

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2012

Dom Pérignon is famous for the fact that it is a vintage-only label—meaning the wine has to mature for at least ten years before being opened. Annually, champagne snobs around the world wait for that year’s decade-old release. Now, the brand’s 2012 blend—a flamboyant and contrasting balance of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes that draw on various dimensions. For the parent that presses you for quality over quantity, especially when it comes to champagne tasting, this is the gift.

Buy Now on Reserve Bar: $160

Best Gift for Music Lovers

Bang & Olufsen Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Tiny but mighty, the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 second generation waterproof speaker is an incredible pick for the parent who’s musically inclined. With a longer playtime (up to 18 hours), an integrated voice assistant (Alexa), extensive waterproof capability (submerged up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes) and a Bluetooth speakerphone (go ahead and call uncle Doug), the upgraded Cecilie Manz-designed device is a perfect stationary or on-the-go companion. Available in seven colorways, it features a brushed and perforated aluminum body adorned by a waterproof leather strap—perfect for hanging.

Buy Now on Bang & Olufsen: $279

Best Gift for Luxury Bathers

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Bath Tablets

Nothing says “relaxation” more than a luxurious bubble bath—and Chanel knows that well. The brand has a collection of effervescent tablets scented in its Chance Eau Tendre fragrance with notes of grapefruit, jasmine and rose. Truly a treasured gift for anyone looking to unwind, this gift will have both mom and dad fighting for the bathroom.

Buy Now on Chanel: $70

Best Gift for Book Collectors

Assouline A Book Stand

Designed by Alex Assouline, this tabletop book stand was created to showcase any Assouline book or large tome. Imported and produced in a clear lucite material, the stand features an engraved Assouline logo centered on both panels.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $95

Best Gift for Bosses  

Google Nest Mini

“Hey Google, turn on”: a sequence of words any Google Home owner knows well. That’s why this is the perfect gift for a boss, those notorious for ordering others to turn on the music, make a grocery list or call a relative. A textile Bluetooth speaker made of recycled plastic bottles, the second generation of the Google Nest Mini is a grey smart speaker with built-in Google Assistant capability. It will surely change the way your parents listen to their favorite podcast—and the number of times they call you.

Buy Now on Ssense: $50

Best Gift for Preservationists 

Georg Jensen Champagne Stopper

Designed by Aurélien Barbry for the Danish silver brand Georg Jensen, this stainless steel champagne stopper is perfect for the parent who wants to preserve every last drop. Typically, wine stoppers feature a simple slender shape, but because of champagne’s fizzy makeup, a special shape and fit must uniquely hug the interior and exterior. This stopper offers a timeless design that’ll keep things bubbly. 

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $49

Best Gifts for Competitive Couples

Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber Chess Set

Designed in carbon fiber and featuring wooden playing pieces, the Bey-Berk chess set is a chic gift for a competitive couple. Fit for those who plan game nights and spend weekends with cards in hand, this chess set is a wonderful home addition that can be tucked away when the game is over. Complemented by storage drawers, the board has a special space for every queen and king, regardless of who wins or loses.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $291

Best Gift for Bed Readers

Flos Bellhop Portable LED Table Lamp

There is a reason that the Flos Bellhop lamp is favored by restaurants and retailers around the globe. The model—designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, and offered in an array of colors—allows for a delicate dispersing of light under its bill, as well as easy charging capabilities. With a USB cable and a four-step dimmer located at its base, the portable light is the perfect bedside companion to light up a room for some nighttime reading.

Buy Now on Design Within Reach: $625

Best Gift for Documentarians 

Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer

We all have that parent that still ventures to a processing center at a pharmacy to print photos. But because it’s 2022 and that’s no longer needed, we’re sharing a recommendation from Polaroid that does something similar: the Hi-Print Pocket Printer. Rechargeable, bluetooth-powered and complete with ten printer sheets, the model prints individual two-by-three inch photo stickers in vivid color. 

Buy Now Bespoke Post: $99

Best Gift for Pet Parents 

Gucci Large Web Pet Leash

You may not yet be a peak pet parent if you don’t own a designer pet leash. This gift changes that. Your animal of choice (we see you, rabbit and cat owners) will enjoy being walked on this gorgeous Gucci model, featuring interlocking Gs, a clasp closure, gold-toned hardware and a green and red web canvas. Made in Italy of brown Demetra—an animal-free, bio-based raw material—the leash will not raise concerns with your furry friend.

Buy Now on Gucci: $410

Best Gift for Art Lovers

Yellowpop x Andy Warhol Limited-Edition Neon Lights

This year, the neon light company Yellowpop launched a limited-edition collection of pieces created in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation. In celebration of one of the world’s most recognized artists, the line offers a selection of Warhol’s acclaimed Pop Art designs reimagined in bright lights—from his poppy flowers and Campbell’s soup can to his Brillo box and a representation of Marilyn Monroe. Limited to 500 pieces each, each design includes a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Buy Now on Yellowpop: $590

Best Gift for Jewelry Lovers

Loquet London Gold Locket Pendant

This gift is a double-whammy for both mom and dad. Loquet London’s iconic large gold locket pendant is a timeless design, inspired by the idea of keepsakes and preserving memories. Made of solid yellow gold and set with a clear sapphire crystal façade, the piece plays an elegant host to miniature Loquet London charms that signify special people, places and things for many years to come.

Buy Now on Loquet London: $880

Best Gift for the Cool Couple

Kith for Parachute Percale Bedding Set

Kith’s latest collection with Parachute launched this year with a line of Percale Egyptian cotton. Included in the set is one fitted sheet, one monogrammed top sheet, one duvet cover, two monogram printed pillowcases and two duvet shams. Oeko-Tex certified and available in three hues, the set is also pre-washed for ultimate comfort. Perfect for parents who regularly shop at Kith, the destination for all things cool.  

Buy Now on Kith: $529

Best Gift for the Genetically Intrigued 

23andMe DNA Test Kit

This approachable DNA test kit and membership from 23an Me is the perfect gift for those who reference a hand-drawn family tree when explaining ancestry. Easy to understand and navigate, the kit can be ordered online and received in the mail, and a saliva sample can be mailed back to the company’s headquarters for seamless processing. After, personalized digital results and insights on genetic data—such as health predispositions, carrier status and trait reports—are available for review.

Buy Now on Amazon:: $129

Best Gift for Home Chefs

The Missoni Family Cookbook by Francesco Maccapani Missoni

The Missoni Family Cookbook, published as a hardcover book by Assouline, features favorite recipes of the famed fashion family. Penned by Francesco Maccapani Missoni—the son of designer Angela Missoni, and the grandson of the brand’s founder, Rosita Missoni—the culinary chronicles guide the public through coveted family recipes. Ideal for the chef parent due to its emphasis on family and tradition, the book also doubles as a wonderful starting point for your next gathering around food.

Buy Now on Amazon:: $70

Best Gift for Home Fragrance Hobbyists

Acqua di Parma Reed Luce di Colonia Room Diffuser

Acqua di Parma has been a symbol of sophisticated Italian culture and craftsmanship since 1916. Today, its products resonate with a global audience for their high-quality ingredients and sleek design. Special for those who love home fragrance—and not just room sprays or candles—is the Acqua di Parma Luce di Colonia Room Diffuser. Embodying citrus and floral essences, as well as woody notes of patchouli and petitgrain, the scent is intoxicating and inviting. Designed to travel through the black rattan reeds, it will be sure to enliven your parent’s favorite room.

Buy Now on Bergdorf Goodman: $112

Best Gift for Timepiece Collectors

Globe Trotter 3-Watch Traveling Case

Globe Trotter’s three-slot vulcanized fiberboard watch case is reserved for the on-the-go watch collector. Handmade in England with a top handle, removable tray compartment, embossed branding at its side  and leather trim, the case is perfect for housing your top three watch styles. Big enough to carry alone yet small enough to tuck inside a carry-on luggage, the watch case is a great option for the parent looking for both protection and style.

Buy Now on Selfridges: $1040

Best Gift for Still Water Cynics

SodaStream Aqua Fizz

In every family, there is at least one parent who religiously orders sparkling water at dinner. They may also be the one demanding to have individual cans of lemon sparkling water at home. Now, they can effortlessly recreate their beloved drink at the push of a button thanks to SodaStream’s Aqua Fizz model. Simply, the dishwasher-safe glass carafe fits in a black cordless base, with a carbon dioxide canister held in the lid above. Powered by the pressure of gas, the water is carbonated at ease, relieving the rest of the family of grocery runs designed around—you guessed it—sparkling water.

Buy Now on SodaStream: $195

Best Gift for Floral Arrangers

Swarovski x Rosenthal Signum Vase

Through a special collaboration with the porcelain brand Rosenthal, Swarovski has unveiled a collection of tabletop pieces. Designed by Swarovski’s creative director, Giovanna Engelbert, each piece showcases the craftsmanship of two innovative companies, captured in hues of blue, green, yellow and pink with golden accents. Our favorite is the playfully sophisticated Signum vase—perfect for the flower arranger in your family who will enjoy the dishwasher-safe design.

Buy Now on Swarovski: $215

 Best Gift for Committed Hand Washers 

Aesop Resurrection Duet Hand Soap and Lotion Set

Aesop’s Resurrection Duet is an exceptional two-product set created with herbaceous aromatics that the brand recommends is enjoyed “in concert.” Aimed at cleansing, nourishing and softening hard-working hands, the ultra-rich solution and balms are splendid gifts to sit along the kitchen or bathroom sink.  

Buy Now on Aesop: $127

Best Gift for Adventurers

Airbnb Gift Card

Whether your parents are interested in a luxurious getaway or a cozy staycation, this Airbnb gift card is perfect for them—a one-way, pre-paid certificate for an overnight adventure of their choice. Have they spoken about a nearby city they’ve never been to? Gushed to you about the city they got engaged in, but haven’t been to in years? An Airbnb gift card will take them there and allow them to explore a city from a home away from home.

Buy Now on Airbnb: From $100