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Congrats, Scream 6! You’ve scared (and scarred) us all.

There have been some Ghostface sightings in the past few days in cities like New Orleans and Sonoma (Scream‘s fictional city, Woodsboro). In shared photos, the masked slasher just stands there in public spaces. Still as the night. Staring at you.

Thankfully, we aren’t experiencing another clown incident like in 2016 (though, that didn’t stop a few locals from allegedly calling the police on the spooky Ghostface in their city).

Instead, the random masked figure you may see is all a part of a marketing stunt for Scream 6, which hits theaters on March 10.

The verdict for the Ghostface ploy: Scary? Absolutely. Am I going to see the movie? You bet. Well, I guess it worked.

We’ve seen this scary case study pulled recently with Smile, who placed creepy-grinning folks at baseball games to promote the psychological horror film.

It should come as no surprise really that Scream pulled a similar marketing stunt as Smile, seeing as both films are under Paramount Picture’s wing. The sixth slasher movie also follows in the footsteps of the campy horror M3GAN, who set a flock of the demon-dolls lose in NY.

I mean, it got the people talking and showing up in numbers for Smile‘s premiere, why not scare the living daylights out of everyone again for another box office win?

In Scream 6, we see Ghostface take on the Big Apple to torment returning characters Melissa Barrera, scream queen Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere, and the OG Courteney Cox.

Surprisingly, as far as I know, people have yet to spot Ghostface in NY. Given the plethora of wildness already comprising the streets and trains daily, another costume is a typical day for us and probably wouldn’t move anyone.

Scream 6 is the first movie without Sidney Prescott, a role played by Neve Campbell for the past five films until she declined the latest offer and, thus, left the franchise.

As an OG Scream head, I — and probably anyone else who’s been tuned in since the 1996 kick-off — will definitely miss the legend Sidney Prescott.

But, again, as a lover of the franchise, I must fulfill my duty and be present for the sixth installment.

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