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rainbo's mushroom tinctures

You are, to your credit or detriment, what you eat. Should you choose to indulge, wellness and beauty supplements are just little boosts — that usually include vitamins, anti-oxidants and collagen — that add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your complexion and well-being.

Look, a cheeky bag of Lay’s consumed in the dead of night (where no one can see me, so it must not count) has a direct correlation to the ensuing zits that will undoubtedly crop up as angry reminders of my one moment of weakness. The gut-skin connection is no joke! And beauty brands are catching up.

They might call it oral supplements, might call it tinctures, might call it nootropics, but the trending complex that links beauty with wellness means more and more cosmetic ranges are adding ingestible, “inside-out” components to their line-up.

Now, beauty supplements will not change your life. It might just be placebo! Get your greens, drink your water, exercise regularly and consume whatever you purchase on the internet in the form of little capsules that promise beauty at your own behest. Maybe consult a doctor first.

7 Beauty Supplements To Add to Your Routine:

Along with increasingly terrible hangovers and an unavoidable plummet into a quarter-life crisis, your 20’s, unfortunately, must take yet another L: the decline of your body’s natural collagen production. Collagen, making up a third of the protein in our bodies and 75% of our skin, is what keeps our hair shiny, our nails strong, our joints mobile and our guts healthy.

The Collagen Co.’s range of collagen powders — which is formulated with three types of collagen peptides along with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Biotin — work at topping up your collagen levels and nudges at your body to stimulate new collagen. Better yet, these come in little portable sachets in unflavoured, strawberry-watermelon and passionfruit-mango flavours so you can choose your own collagen-filled adventure.

And if you’re a real Betty Crocker, try your hand at making these collagen-infused recipes.

Unflavoured Collagen
HK$315 / 14 Sachets
Passionfruit Mango Collagen
HK$335 / 14 Sachets
Strawberry Watermelon Collagen
HK$335 / 14 Sachets

Grown Alchemist’s whole schtick revolves around cellular renewal, nutrient metabolisation and other scientific adjectives that add colour to their renowned anti-ageing formulas that combine topical and ingestible skincare for a holistic outside-in, inside-out beauty system.

All formulated with a powerful blend of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, Grown Alchemist’s line of nutricosmetics follow a five-count regime, with supplements that hit at the cellular and dermal level, as well as capsules for detoxing, for keratin production and for probiotic support.

Cellular Repair
Approx. HK$475 / 100g
Dermal Smoothing
Approx. HK$642 / 100g
Detox Complex
Approx. HK$436 / 60 tablets
Hair Complex
Approx. HK$530 / 60 tablets
Probiotic Nutrient Support
Approx. HK$558 / 60 tablets

“Beauty begins in the belly” is The Beauty Chef’s working philosophy that headlines on the power of gut-skin connection. Founder Carla Oates first approached creating what’s now become TBC’s line of bio-fermented, supercharged probiotics as a solution to her daughter’s eczema and allergies. What she discovered is something we’ve all already kind of known: you are what you eat. Or, more importantly, your skin can only be as healthy as what you eat — and what you digest.

From powders and elixirs to balms and sprays, The Beauty Chef’s line of inner beauty activators are separated into three categories: Essential, Boost and Support. GLOW, the brand’s hero product, should be your point of entry.

Starts from HK$240

If you were in the vicinity of the internet in the past, say, five years, you would’ve surely been served an ad or several about Moon Juice’s Moon Dusts. From the e-commerce efforts of Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop to being shelved at your local Urban Outfitters, these adaptogenic blends of superherbs and mushrooms target a specific area of focus — and are named accordingly. Like Sex Dust. Or Beauty Dust. Or Brain Dust. Choose your fighter and drink it with water (or your favourite bev).


Harnessing the (medicinal, not magic) power of mushrooms, Rainbo’s range of tinctures are meant to be taken everyday, like a multi-vitamin. From Lion’s Mane for memory to Turkey Tail for gut health, each of Rainbo’s blends are named for the mushroom they’re made from — all sustainably cultivated in Canada! — with the exception of one: 11:11, which is a potent blend of 11 fungi to support your immune health.

Starts at HK$310

You might know Elle Macpherson as a supermodel, as “The Body” or as part of “The Magnificent Seven”, but you might not know her as the founder of WelleCo, a pioneer within the realm of ingestible wellness.

The Super Elixir™, WelleCo’s award-winning hero product, is a vegan powder blend made from 40+ naturally-derived ingredients that acts as a one-and-done solution to supporting all 11 systems of the body, from the immune and digestive systems to hair, skin and nail health. Beyond The Super Elixir™, WelleCo also offers a comprehensive range of capsules, tea and protein powder for more targeted effects.

HK$870 / 300g

“Diet is key in reducing systemic inflammation and promoting skin and overall health,” said Dr. Barbara Sturm. “Fast paced lives create challenges for balanced diets, and nutritional deficiencies are common. This reality prompted me to invent DR. BARBARA STURM INSIDE; a collection of oral supplements tailored to specific skin and wellness concerns.”

Honing in on targeting skin concerns, be it repair, recovery or simply maintenance, Dr. Barbara Sturm Inside’s five-count supplement range uses science-backed ingredients like Purslane, an anti-ageing compound, and anti-oxidants for healthy, glowing skin.

Skin Anti-Pigmentation (Brightening Food)
HK$720 / 60 capsules
Skin Recovery (Repair Food)
HK$720 / 60 capsules
Skin Super Anti-Aging (Skin Food)
HK$720 / 60 capsules
Good Night (Sleep Food)
HK$720 / 60 capsules

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