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The ever-growing property market in the Philippines makes the country a popular destination for real estate development. Architectural firm APL Architects leads the way in the luxury sector of the industry with a reputation for designing exceptional luxury homes and resorts. Experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have chosen APL Architects to receive Best Luxury Architect (Single Residential Project) for their project, FARM, in the Philippines. 

With over 20 years of experience in this competitive industry, APL Architects is known internationally for its diverse design work across various residential and commercial establishments, including hotels and beach resorts. 

In 2022, the company was notably recognized for its work on the FARM project. After close consultation with the client, the architects took on board their vision to create a farm-to-table household. The result is a stylish, eco-friendly home that is not only an architectural wonder made from premium international materials but also offers a sustainable lifestyle. 

Solar Panels have been installed to harness energy from the sun. This energy is either utilized or stored in the hybrid dry cell. Excess energy is returned to the service provider, with the homeowner benefiting from the dividends. A series of solar tubes to effectively heat the swimming pool.

Rainwater is collected, treated, and stored in specially designed holding tanks and recycled for irrigation and cleaning. And for the ultimate security, there’s state-of-the-art CCTV and smart home automation backed up by the development’s WiFi system. An impressive range of green practices has been established to ensure the best environmentally friendly living.

The FARM project perfectly exemplifies how APL Architects is committed to turning its customers’ dreams and visions into reality. The experienced and talented team of designers, architects, and engineers is led by architect Philip Lu. All of them are dedicated to creating modern, sustainable designs of the highest standards that contribute positively to the environment. 

The range of services on offer encompasses the entire design process from initial consultation to completion. This includes architectural design and consultancy, interior fit-out, space design, construction, and project management. 

“We are very proud of the work we carried out on the FARM project as it really was a great honor to be chosen by the family to design their dream home. There were many elements to take into consideration, and we had to put a lot of thought into creating a luxurious and self-sustainable home. Now they have the perfect bolthole to escape from city living that fulfills all their sustainability needs, too. We are all very appreciative that the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have recognized our efforts and rewarded us in this way,” says Philip Lu, CEO of APL Architects.

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