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Top-tier celebrity dressers are not crowned solely based on how well they can wear an off-the-runway suit or gown on a red carpet. Nay, the best dressed among us are the daytime dressers, who manage to look cool even when they’re not at a festival photocall. Who look their best, as the case may be, when they’re on their way to a chiropractor in Pasadena.

The actor Steven Yeun has long been one such impeccable dresser, whose low-key, off-kilter Personal Style Practice predates his Best Actor Oscar nomination by many years. He looks great in the color navy, he looks great in roomy suits, he looks great in tweed—and, as he proved last week, he looks great a look fit that happens to nod at several inside-baseball cool brands while also providing plenty of mobility for musculoskeletal realignment. We’re talking a jauntily embroidered Maison Labiche crewneck, a pair of Undefeated mesh shorts, a Porter-Yoshida belt bag slung over the shoulder, and to top it all off, some Nike ACG Gore-Tex trail sneakers. (This particular pair of Air Nasus are sold out on the regular channels, but you can try StockX.)

In short, it’s everything we’ve come to expect from a Yeun off-duty outfit—and it also has plenty in common with what we call the dust fit, a workout-oriented look marked by a distinct sense of “aloof brand mixing and utilitarian approach.” Of course, Yeun’s look feels slightly different: there’s an ease to it, an un-scuzzy harmony of namecheck-able brands that somehow mutes that ever-pesky collective connotation of being too hype-y (or, even more worrisome, too swaggy), which can be a tricky feat for any lover of menswear. Not bad for a trip to the chiropractor, Mr. Yeun!