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Tucked away on Zetska Street in the historic quarter of Dorcol is DUB, an antique and ethno shop that has been welcoming visitors since 1987. Originally named Etno Magazin Gral, the shop was founded with the aim of collecting and selling ethnic and antique pieces from the territory of the kingdom and the former socialist state. When Bogdan Vukosavljevic, a sculptor, inherited the store from his mother, he renamed it DUB, which has multiple meanings, including the Old Slavic name for an oak tree symbolizing the foremother and the abbreviation “Dobro Uciniti Boljim” (meaning “Do good to make things better”).

DUB is renowned for its collection of antique pottery and textiles, with Pirotski and Banatski hand-made carpets being the most popular. These pieces have a special value, and their price ranges from 500 to 2000 euros, depending on factors such as size, weave, and period. Banat kilims are also popular, with prices ranging from 200 to 400 euros.

“I inherited my love for antiques and ethnic items from my mother and wanted to continue this work. I’m a sculptor by profession and have also been involved in furniture redesign,” says Bogdan, the owner of the shop. “DUB attracts a diverse clientele, with many foreigners. Italians, French, and Scandinavians are particularly delighted with our offerings. These are people who have an affinity for certain aesthetics and appreciate antique pieces.”

Over the years, DUB has attracted various intellectuals, actors, and interior designers, as well as icons such as Harvey Keitel, Deborah Harry, and Orhan Pamuk. Each of them has bought something interesting, such as Orhan Pamuk, who bought a graying kit for the Museum of Childhood in Turkey. Deborah Harry purchased a Jelek (vest) and a Tronozac (chair), which she sat on during the breaks at her Blondie concert in Belgrade in the early 2000s. Harvey Keitel, a guest at the International Film Festival in Belgrade, bought a white linen shirt in a vintage countryside style.

DUB is open every day except Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. It’s the perfect place for those who appreciate rarities with extraordinary value.

Address: 13 Zetska Street, 11000 Belgrade.

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