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art exhibitions Bangkok May 2022

Welcome to our monthly column where we feature the most interesting and exciting art exhibitions happening around town. Show some love to local creatives and go on a spraycation at these art exhibitions in Bangkok this May 2022. 

Bangkok is brimming with creativity. The buzzing metropolis has witnessed exponential growth in the art scene in the last few years or so. Whether it is art galleries, talented artists, or art connoisseurs, the capital city has observed an escalated interest in all aspects. Consequently, Bangkok is now home to a plethora of cool art shows. Be in the know of what’s hot and happening in the art scene with this monthly column of ours. Here are 8 art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok this May 2022.

[Hero image credit: Bodhisattava Lgbtq+ Gallery; featured image credit: River City Bangkok]

8 art exhibitions in Bangkok this May 2022

‘HORIZON’ by Nova Contemporary

Image credit: Nova Contemporary

First up, we’ve got an exhibition by Nova Contemporary. In commemoration of the gallery’s six-year journey in contemporary art, ‘HEXAGON’ presents numerous artworks by numerous artists. From installations to moving images, to paintings to sculptural work, this exhibition showcases the gallery’s dedication to endorsing artists in different practices throughout the years.

Art gallery: Nova Contemporary 
Until 17 May 2022

‘a journey’ by Sivika Prakobsantisukh and Nat Prakobsantisukh

Image credit: PLAY art house

If your interests lie in photography, we recommend checking this exhibition out. It’s a photo essay exhibition by Sivika Prakobsantisukh and Nat Prakosantisukh titled ‘a journey.’ This exhibition is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ quote: “I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities that I have visited.’

Art gallery: PLAY art house 
Until 22 May 2022

‘PERCEPTION’ by Thosaporn Suthum 

Image credit: La Lanta Fine Art

Next, we’ve got a solo painting exhibition by Thosaporn Suthum, a Thai female abstract painter. The movement of Abstract Expressionism marked the theme of ‘process’ in the history of art, and  ’PERCEPTION’ revisits this notion in art-making. The eight artworks showcased investigate the practice that emphasises the interaction between creator and medium, and the meaning behind the artworks conveys emotions that are harmonic and at times chaotic. 

Art gallery: La La Finte Art 
Until 8 June 2022

‘Blue Fantasy’ by Kamonlak Sukchai

Image credit: HOP – Hub Of Photography

Here is a photographic solo exhibition by Kamonlak Sukchai. The ‘Blue Fantasy’ series exhibits the artist’s vibrant collages of photographs, collective images, letters, and historical documents, all of which intertwine together to reflect the complex layers of the system’s inequality. All in all, the Thai photographer makes an artistic argument that resembles Greek philosopher Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave.’ 

Art gallery: HOP – Hub Of Photography 
Until 19 June 2022

‘Chronicle of the Landscape’ by Sakarin Krue-On

Image credit: Warin Lab Contemporary

A curatorial essay by Rémy Jarry, ‘Chronicle of the Landscape’ is a photographic installation by Thai contemporary artist Sakarin Krue-On. The multilayered project features a series of photographs that not only capture the art of landscapes and the artist’s past achievements, but also address environmental concerns. In this exhibition, Sakarin Krue-On stages the ongoing mutation of the relationship of humankind with both the natural and the media environments. 

Art gallery: Warin Lab Contemporary 
Until 25 June 2022

‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?’ by Eight Artists 

art exhibitions Bangkok May 2022
Image credit: River City Bangkok

This group art exhibition fully embraces the summer season. ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day’ features the artworks of eight artists: Chubbynida, Huatoh Story, MEimo, Munins, Smaisiam, Tuagomstudio, Tum Ulit, and Warbie Yama. The eight artists narrate their summer stories by incorporating famous characters. As the title suggests, the name is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. 

Art gallery: River City Bangkok 
14 May 2022 – 26 June 2022

‘BKK COMICS ART FESTIVAL’ by Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre

Image credit: BACC

As the name suggests, this one’s all about comic art. Expect a sensational array of events and activities at this two-day convention held by Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC). ‘BKK COMICS ART FESTIVAL’ is ready to jump into full swing with comic book creatives, publishers, and scholars.

Art gallery: BACC
14-15 May 2022

‘Our Trans Life Journey’ by Watsamon Tri-yayasakda

Image credit: Bodhisattava Lgbtq+ Gallery

Show your love and support to the city’s LGTBQ+ community at Bodhisattava Lgbtq+ Gallery. Founded in 2020, the gallery marks Thailand’s first art space dedicated to showcasing the works of LGBTQ+ artists across Southeast Asia. ‘Our Trans Life Journey,’ as indicated by the name, is a display of self-portraits and writings of the youth that identify as trans.

Art gallery: Bodhisattava Lgbtq+ Gallery
Until 31 May 2022

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