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Sheraton Grand London Park Lane will offer a new service for those parents staying for business travel by giving them the chance to take a mini library of beloved bedtime stories to their hotel room to read to their children before bedtime back at home.

Since lockdown has ended, Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, part of Marriott International, has seen a rise in guests staying for business. Official data from Marriott, specifically around the London market, saw business bookings double at the start of the year.

Many parents may have become accustomed to the day-to-day routine of home life whilst working from home and one priceless part of this is reading a bedtime story to the little ones before they go to sleep.

With this in mind, Sheraton Grand London Park Lane will offer the chance to keep this important part of the bedtime routine present by offering a mini library of children’s stories for their guests to take to their room and read to their children.

By either using their smartphone, tablet or laptop as a visual aide guests can call their children when it’s time for bed and read them one of six different well known children’s bedtime stories.

Early on in the pandemic there were concerns that business travel could be permanently impacted as the rise of working from home became commonplace, but as 2021 saw a steady and gradual rise in business bookings, 2022 as seen a huge spike.

Justin Pinchbeck, General Manager of Sheraton Grand London Park Lane commented “Since the start of the year we’ve seen a considerable rise in guests staying at our hotel because of having to travel for work again. We were conscious that many people with young children may have become accustomed to being a big part of their children’s bedtime routine, something any parents will know is a priceless experience for both parent and child. As working from home becomes less frequent, we want to ensure that there was at least one element of home life they could replicate on the road when they were away from home for a period of time”

The Bedtime Stories library is available at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane now and will run indefinitely at no extra cost to the standard room booking. All guests need to do is request one or multiple books from the Bedtime Stories library and they can pick them up from the mini library at the reception when they check in.

The books will be available in several foreign languages to ensure that overseas travellers are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

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