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The iconic skyline of South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, is set to change in a big way – come 2027, the bustling metropolis will become home to the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel.

The wheel – simply dubbed Seoul Ring – stands at an imposing 180m in Hanuel Park, located within the Mapo-Gu district of Seoul.

A short distance from the banks of the Han River, the new landmark and tourist attraction promises an attractive view of major landmarks around the city, including “the Hangang River, downtown Seoul, Namsan Mountain, and even Bukhansan Mountain”, says a press release from the Seoul Metropolitan Government. 

Moreover, the location in Hanuel Park was “deemed a meaningful place [for construction due to] its symbolism as a gate to both Seoul and unified Korea and as a location geographically close to North Korea which shows the harmony and reunification of the Korean race.”

Once completed, it will stand significantly taller than the current largest spokeless wheel in China’s Shandong province, the 145m-tall Bailang Bridge Ferris Wheel (erected in 2017).

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