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Welcome to Robb Recommends, a regular series in which our editors and contributors endorse something they’ve tried and loved—and think will change your life for the better. If you purchase a product or service through a link in this story, we may receive a small commission.

When Theragun first launched in 2016, it caused a sensation. People were thrilled to find a way to get rid of muscle knots and recover after workouts at home, and the world’s top athletes sang its praises. In 2020, Theragun Mini made it even easier to find relief on the road—especially after long flights, hotel beds or days of endless meetings. Soon after the Mini’s launch, the company learned that people were using it on their faces to soothe tension and release muscular pain. As a result, Theragun decided to create a device designed to safely be used on the face, but then thought: Why stop with massage?

The TheraFace Pro debuted earlier this year as an FDA-approved Type II Medical Device with eight different treatments. It comes with three percussive (aka massage) attachments, a microcurrent ring, a LED light-therapy ring, a cleansing ring and an option to add hot and cold rings (I say: get them).

Three Theraface attachments: a massager, LED light and cleanser.

Three Theraface attachments: a massager, LED light and cleanser.  Therabody

Like many people, I clench my jaw while I sleep, which can lead to muscle pain and headaches. Over the years, I’ve tried every treatment I could find to reduce the pain: mouth guards, Buccal massage, gua sha, jade rolling, countless facials, even having Botox injected into my jaw muscles. None of them has given me the long-term relief provided by the TheraFace Pro. Of course, I need to use it frequently, and the pain returns if I don’t use it enough, but it has made a considerable difference and, moreover, improved my quality of life. It’s easy to use—I can do it while I watch TV, read the news, even as I dictate this article.

While, for many, the TheraFace’s main draw will undoubtedly be the gentle percussive massage, don’t overlook the other attachments. The cleanser gives you a deep clean akin to a professional facial. The microcurrent can lift and firm your skin, helping you look more chiseled, while LED light therapy can reduce wrinkles. Suffer from puffiness or inflammation? The cold ring helps reduce both—and feels divine. Some testers say that the cold ring soothes irritated skin after shaving (as a female, I can’t vouch for that bit).

All the gadgets that come with the Theraface Pro.

All the gadgets that come with the Theraface Pro.  Therabody

With so many options, TheraFace can seem overwhelming. I recommend finding the attachment that targets the primary result you’re looking for and building from there. In my regular treatment, I begin with the cone percussive attachment for my jaw, then the flat percussive attachment for my face and neck, combining both with red LED light to reduce wrinkles. I follow up the massage with the hot ring, which melts away any remaining tension and feels fantastic. It may sound like a lot of work but in reality, it’s a thoroughly relaxing release.

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