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The venture aims to bridge the worlds of fine spirits and luxury fragrances, with its first perfumes the result of a creative collaboration between Rémy Martin Cognac cellar master Baptiste Loiseau and Sophie Labbé, principal perfumer at fragrance and taste company Firmenich.

Maison Psyché’s first five fragrances have spent time maturing in Rémy Martin’s cellars in Cognac, inside small oak casks, known as tonnelets, specially designed by Seguin Moreau.

The fragrances will be packaged in Baccarat crystal perfume bottles, decorated with gold. Some bottles will feature diamonds, and will be reserved ‘for an exclusive clientele on a confidential basis’, said Rémy Cointreau. Prices were not disclosed.

Maison Psyché CEO Francesco Riosa described the creation of the house as ‘the fulfilment of a wonderful dream – the dream of reinventing “La Grande Parfumerie” in the 21st century’.

‘The Maison Psyché range is a natural extension of our activities,’ added Rémy Cointreau CEO Eric Vallat. ‘It is based on the special blending and ageing expertise specific to the world of spirits, to elevate the finest raw materials from perfumery and create innovative fragrances.

‘Maison Psyché is a bridge between two worlds, that of luxury fragrance and that of spirits, and a bold venture with terroirs, people and time at its very heart.’

Maison Psyché’s emblem is that of a butterfly – a connection to the myth of Psyché, the Greek goddess of the soul, who is often represented with butterfly wings. Rémy Cointreau said metamorphosis was a ‘founding principle’ of the house.

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