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Home to the iconic Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, Rajasthan is unsurprisingly the most popular tourist hotspot in India. And, in addition to being the most visited location, it is also India’s most luxurious travel destination. Its central position in the history of the Mughal Empire brought power and riches and saw the construction of staggering monuments. Following this, the region was the playground of the majestic maharajas who built elaborate palaces and ornate temples.

India may not spring to mind as a luxury travel destination, but Rajasthan is a region that promises opulence at every turn. To get the most out of your visit, look at group tours to India dedicated to exploring Rajasthan which offer expert guided activities and unbelievable accommodation options. The incredible architecture around you is brought to life by the history behind it, and how many chances do you have to stay in a palace as part of your holiday? Discover what makes Rajasthan an ideal luxury travel choice and the highlights that must be experienced during your tour.

History of Rajasthan

Mughal Empire

Following years of conflict between the local Rajput residents and the invading Mughals, renowned Mughal Emperor Akbar finally achieved a stronghold in Rajasthan in 1568. He, his son, and his grandson were responsible for creating the majestic monuments in Agra right through the 17th century, including the Taj Mahal which was created to enshrine and honour Shah Jahan’s late wife.


By the early 19th century, west-central Indian dynasties were in charge. However, it was not long until the British colonial powers conquered the country, giving general governance to the high-powered families known as the maharajas. This allowed the ruling classes to continue living their life of extravagance, evidenced by the intricate and majestic havelis (manor houses) and palaces that are littered throughout the most notable cities in Rajasthan such as Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Highlights of a Rajasthan Tour

Stay in a Palace

One of the top highlights of a Rajasthan tour is being able to stay in hotels that were once the manor house of the mini palace of the ruling maharajas. Ranging from eight-room boutique properties with ornate architecture and traditional textiles to utterly opulent accommodations where no luxury is spared, there is something to suit everyone. Jaipur is the best place to do this.

Colonial Camping Experience

Within India’s Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur – is Ranthambhore National Park an area saturated with tigers and other astonishing wildlife that was sadly once the hunting ground of the elite classes and the British in the late 19th century. This park is now protected, and tourists can go on jeep drives through the area in search of exotic animal sightings. At night, stay at luxury campsites designed in a colonial style where the tents have full-sized beds, air-conditioning, and even ensuite bathrooms with hot-water showers.

Amazing Architecture

In each major Rajasthan city, there are forts, monuments, mausoleums, and palaces to delight history-orientated travellers and anyone with an appreciation for the beauty of craftsmanship. During your journeys from city to city, be sure to stop off at the architectural wonders in a more remote locations such as Fatehpur Sikri and the astonishing Jain temple in Ranakpur.