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For ultra-high-net-worths looking to buy property in London, the area between Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Mayfair – the ‘golden triangle’, as it is known in the biz – has long been considered the logical place to start. 

But there have been counter movements to the supremacy of this super-prime slice; the surging popularity of areas like St. John’s Wood was driven by the idea that the golden triangle’s value for money just didn’t stack up. Places like Marylebone and Islington are desirable, by all accounts, but don’t come with such a dizzying de facto price tag. You certainly get more bang for your buck outside of the golden triangle. But, to use another platitude, you also get what you pay for.

This pocket of land became a locus for growth in the late 18th century thanks to the activity of the Cadogan Estate, which developed the area as the urban population swelled during the industrial era. Nowadays, gorgeous Georgian architecture mixes with Victorian mansions and stucco-fronted townhouses.

The residential streets are quiet, but benefit from all the amenities of Sloane Square, Brompton Cross and Knightsbridge on their doorstep. The area is also home to the lion’s share of London’s cultural landmarks, including Kensington Palace, the Royal Albert Hall and the Museums. The upper crust of retail and restaurants is here, too, from Harrods to Motcomb Street; Raffles to Annabels; Hakkasan to Le Gavroche. I repeat: you get what you pay for.

This is what, theoretically, justifies the £25 million quote on our Property of the Month. This for-sale home resides on Cadogan Square, which is considered one of the top five addresses in the golden triangle – up there with Lennox Gardens and Eaton Square. The Belgravia postcode is one of the most expensive in the country, formed of a residents’ garden surrounded by red-brick mansions and ideally located for the boutiques of Sloane Street and the smart eateries on Pavilion Road. 

The property in question was once occupied by the actor Christopher Lee, and it certainly has star quality: a five-bedroom duplex apartment of 409.31 square metres, with a magnificent reception room and five bedroom suites arranged over raised ground and lower ground floors. The west-facing apartment, which overlooks the square, has been extensively renovated by interior designer and architect Viktor Udzenija, combining artisanal crafts and powerful artworks to create a boldly contemporary aura. Carved marble contrasts with black varnished floors, while the hand-painted walls offer an experimental take on trompe l’oeil.

At £25 million, the home clocks in far above the average price of a home on Cadogan Square, meaning you’re paying for more than the premium on the postcode. Firstly, you’re paying for the size – the apartment is spread across two houses. You’re also paying for the uncompromising quality of the materials used in the home’s refurbishment – the complex stonework, exotic marble, parquet timber and bespoke stained glass. Arguably, value for money does exist in the golden triangle – you just need to know where to look for it.

The Cadogan Square property is on the market for £25,000,000. For more information, visit

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