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Chinese collectible toy retailer Pop Mart has launched its first flagship store in South Korea as part of its regional expansion strategy. 

Located at 346-40 Seogyo-dong, Seoul, the flagship store features a 400sqm retail space with three floors. The company describes the inspiration behind the interior design as “Connection + Imagination”. 

Pop Mart says each floor has photogenic spots for fans to interact with their favourite IP figures, and that the third floor has a special area where fans can meet the creatives behind Pop Mart.

In addition, the toy retailer has collaborated with well-known Korean artists such as Seulgie Lee, Chokocider, and Coolrain&Labo. It aims to transform its physical store into a place where people can experience pop culture and strengthen the bond between fans and artists.

“Hongdae district has been a place for youngsters to express their appreciation for the pop culture rooted here,” said Justin Moon, VP of Pop Mart and president of Pop Mart International. 

“Thus, Pop Mart was able to resonate with fans here, and we are looking forward to cooperating with more South Korean artists and brands in the future.”

Dimoo Sunset Tiger limited edition

Pop Mart started its expansion early this year with the European debut in January, followed by the launch of a Pop Mart New Zealand store in April. Most recently, the retailer introduced its first US pop-up store last month. 

To continue the expansion, Pop Mart reports it is looking for more opportunities in Southeast Asia, specifically in Vietnam, The Philippines, and Thailand.

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