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long weekend getaways

What’s better than a weekend? A long weekend. Come August and we will have the Independence Day holiday on a Monday. And then there’s Janamasthmi and there’s Rakhi. If you have been looking for a rejuvenating trip for a while now, taking a long weekend getaway next month comes highly recommended. Here are some ideas.

Ideas for long weekend getaways in India

From Delhi

Tijara, Rajasthan (109 km away)


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Urban life is exhausting, which is why a long weekend at Alwar’s Tijara Fort Palace is exactly what the physician prescribed. A stunning heritage property, the Neemrana Hotels’ Tijara Fort in Alwar, a three-hour drive from Delhi, promises an idyllic and regal experience. Nestled amidst verdant pastures, the property offers a seamless blend of mod cons and traditional aesthetics.

Seven terraced gardens, imposing ramparts and beautiful art by renowned artists make the fort a treasure. Built in the 18th century, the sights of the hills around and the incredibly spacious property will leave you rejuvenated and fulfilled. Sunsets are typically romantic at Tijara. So, if you are looking forward to popping the question to your special someone, this well may be a good time.

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh (494 km away)


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Over the past few years, Orchha has emerged as the top tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. Located in the erstwhile Bundelkhand region, Orchha is steeped in history. The tranquil Betwa flowing by Orchha, the old temples and forts, river rafting, and jungle safari comes with the unadulterated serenity that enthrals visitors. A typical itinerary for Orchha includes rafting at the Betwa, visiting the Jehangir Mahal Palace, paying obeisance at the Raja Ram Temple, and appreciating the painterly traditions of Bundelkhand at the Laxmi Narayan Temple.

Nature lovers can explore the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary, which serves as a home to species like wild boar and sloth bear. Another prime attraction of Orchha is the cenotaphs of the Orchha rulers, which stand on the Kanchana Ghat by the Betwa. Also of note is the iconic Chaturbhuj Temple, located right opposite the Raja Ram Temple. The sound and light show held at the Orchha Fort complex every evening is amazing and must not be missed.

From Mumbai

Panchgani, Maharashtra (242 km away)

Once a summer retreat for British officials, today Panchgani is a serene hill station nestling amid five hills of the Sahyadri mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. These hills are topped off with a volcanic plateau—the second-highest in Asia after the Tibet Plateau. Known as Table Land, it offers panoramic views of Panchgani and the surrounding thick forests.

Several other viewpoints, such as Parsi Point, Sydney Point, Wilson Point and Kate’s Point offer diverse scenic views. The Krishna River flows through the valley, on the banks of which is Wai, a town with over 100 temples to explore. The Rajpuri caves make for an exciting discovery, whereas the popular hill town of Mahabaleswar is just 30 minutes away.

Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra (126 km away)

Every monsoon, Instagrammers are treated to enchanting photos of a mountain pass in the Sahyadris, glistening green from the rains, with brimming waterfalls tumbling down the sides or crashing by a winding road. That’s Malshej Ghat for you—one of the best places to drive to during the monsoon. The misty landscape here is dotted with blissful villages, ancient forts, and temples, many of which are accessible via trekking trails.

One of the most famous monsoon treks is that to the mystical 6th century Harishchadragad Fort, perched atop a hill with temple caves and a serene lake nearby. The soaring peak of Taramanchi with astounding views of the Naneghat range and neighbouring forts, the primeval fortress of Shivneri, and the hill-fort of Ajoba are other popular treks here.

From Bengaluru

Coorg, Karnataka (265 km away)


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Framed by the green hills of the Western Ghats, with acres of coffee and spice plantations intermingling with thick forests, Coorg (or Kodagu) paints a striking picture of wanderlust. Contrary to popular advice, travelling here during the monsoon is especially rewarding—for, this is when you can witness it in all its glory.

A mysterious mist blankets the landscape at all times, trickling streams become roaring waterfalls, and the scenery is awash in myriad hues of green. The rain alters between torrential and dreamy drizzle, clearing often to let you enjoy a plantation walk, a hike to a waterfall, or indulge in some rejuvenating forest therapy. Then there’s delicious spicy Coorgi food and relaxing spa sessions to go back to!

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu (464 km away)

Located in the Palani Hills, Kodaikanal is an enchanting hill retreat of lakes and dales where flowers and berries grow with wild abandonment. Surrounded by misty forests, colonial-era bungalows dot the landscape here, lending it a certain old-world charm. The centre-piece is Kodai Lake.

Being a missionary town means there’s a quaint church at every corner—LaSalette Church, Lutheran Church, and Christ the King Church are must-visits. The untouched beauties of Berijam forest, Kookal Lake, and Mannavanur sheep farm that look straight out of a fairytale are short drives away. Kodaikanal is just the soothing balm your city soul needs in the midst of a busy year.

From Kolkata

Mayurbhanj, Odisha (248 km away)


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An erstwhile princely state, today Mayurbhanj is known for its tribal communities and their unique cultures, most notably the Santals. Here, the ancient village of Khiching houses the black chlorite stone, Kichakeswari Temple. It was constructed during CE 920-925 for the state deity of the ruling Bhanj Dynasty.

Rich in natural beauty and wildlife, Mayurbhanj is also home to the massive Similipal National Park, which features serene waterfalls and red silk cotton tree forests that teem with Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, gaurs and chausinghas (four-horned antelope). The 18th-century Victorian-style Belgadia Palace of the Bhanja royal family serves as a sustainable boutique homestay and social enterprise that employs and skills local tribal people.

Murshidabad, West Bengal (230 km away)

Along the eastern bank of the Hooghly, some six hours upstream from Kolkata, lies the forgotten capital of Bengal. Once a prosperous city, Murshidabad served as the seat of the Nawab of Bengal under the Mughals. It was home to wealthy merchants and banking families, an important centre of trade and commerce, and a hotspot for Hindustani classical music, art and literature.

Today the town is a shadow of its glorious past, where mansions from a bygone era stand by tree-lined streets, and historical monuments present a study of the opulence and culture of the place. Begin your trip by spending a few nights here at Bari Kothi—a revamped 18th-century mansion.

From Chennai

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu (229 km away)


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With consistent pre-monsoon-like weather, the route from Chennai to Yelagiri is truly a paradise for bikers and road trippers. River Attaru flows through mountain creeks across the town before breaking into the breathtaking Jalagamparai Falls.

Visit the Swami Malai Hills to witness a surreal sunset and the Velavan Temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan. Make time for paragliding and camping. The Yelagiri Adventure Camp has been set up by the government to promote the two adventures here.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu (362 km away)


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The only thing better than a six-hour-long southern sojourn through the breathtaking Shevaroy Hills in the Eastern Ghats is ending it in a quaint former British colony. The moment your wheels leave the urban jungle and whoosh past pit-stops like Kanchipuram, Vellore, and Dharmapuri, the air becomes mistier, the route smoother, and the woods thicker.

An hour’s uphill drive ahead of Salem and 20 hairpin bends bring you to Yercaud. Here, farms teeming with coffee and aromatic spices, and colonial structures offering history lessons, call for walking trails. Once done visiting its coffee and spice plantations, make sure to head to other farms like guava, orange, and jackfruit. Take home some homemade Yercaud chocolates as souvenirs.

From Hyderabad

Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh (440 km away)

You will love Maredumilli if you love driving on serpentine roads surrounded by lofty mountains, foggy clouds, and lush green forests as wafts of cool winds ruffle your hair. Located in the East Godavari district, the Maredumilli Forests are endowed with incredible biodiversity. The semi-evergreen forests feature an undulating terrain and form an integral part of the Eastern Ghats. The Maredumilli Community Conservation and Eco-Tourism Area is located near the Maredumilli village and promises a wonderful long weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

Gurgling white streams flow over undulating rocks in deep woods, offering a soulful experience to nature lovers. A visit to this scenic place also gives a chance to interact with the tribal communities of Valamuru, Somireddypalem and Valmeekipeta Vana Samrkshana Samithi, who handle the Eco-Tourism project. The Forest Rest House here was built in 1914 and offers a peaceful stay.

Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh (213 km away)


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Srisailam will give bring you respite from the rising temperature with its lush environs. The historical town is encompassed by the verdant Nallamala Hills, making it one of the most tranquil weekend getaways from Hyderabad. The town is also famous for housing one of the 12 jyotirlingas and a shaktipeetha. Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Bhramaramba Devi temples here are flocked by devotees in droves.

Take a ropeway ride, followed by a boat ride in the Krishna River to reach the age-old Akka Mahadevi Caves. Continue your romance with nature at the Srisailam Dam and drink in the beauty of lush hills and gushing water. Another place that you shouldn’t miss is the Chenchu Lakshmi Tribal Museum near the Srisailam Bus stand. The museum depicts the lifestyle and traditions of the Chenchu tribe that call the forests of Srisailam home.

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