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Fitness, wellness and workout equipment brand Peloton has finally given the people what they want with a new ad featuring everyone’s favourite NYPD detective Elliot Stabler, aka Chris Meloni highlighting what some may describe as his best “assets”.

Chris Meloni gets buff for Peloton. Image: YouTube

What starts out as a very normal, standard workout shot of Meloni trying to get that pump with some dumbbells soon reveals a very not-so normal scene of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star working out entirely naked. “Apparently, some people think the way I work out is strange,” he says.

Strange would be an understatement as the camera pans out and we discover that the absolutely ripped 61-year-old is apparently stark naked. Talk about taking the definition of buff to its limits.

Weights, core, yoga, cardio – Meloni runs the full gamut of Peloton’s admittedly impressive offering in nothing more than his birthday suit and a pair of sneakers. Cheekiness (pun intended) the entire campaign was actually rolled out in time for National Nude Day – which is a thing that apparently happens every year.

The move to Meloni and his particular brand of self-awareness comes after a tough 12 months for Peloton. Under the pandemic when everyone was forced to stay home, the Peloton bike became the accessory to have for people striving to retain their fitness without access to the gym. But once lockdown ended demand for the bike waned, to the point that production of new bikes has now halted.

Then there was the And Just Like That saga – the bike that killed off beloved Big. Only to be resurrected in an ad after the episode that had to be pulled once allegations of sexual assault against the actor who played him, Chris Noth, came to light.

Yoga, anyone? Image: YouTube

This feels like a turning point for the brand that made a name for itself with its high energy instructors and sleek workout equipment meant to resemble designer furniture more than it does a gym set up. At least with Meloni, they’re not only getting someone who clearly knows his way around a weights room but also has the sense of humour to not take it too seriously.

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