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Supermodel Paulina Porizkova is done being filtered.

The 57-year-old has had a career in front of the camera, but recently her raw, honest posts on Instagram have been capturing the attention of her fans. She writes about ageing, mental health, and self-image alongside images of herself that reflect who she really is, whether that’s wearing a bikini or looking straight into the camera with no makeup or filters.

Why Paulina Porizkova doesn’t use filters

Now, she’s released a collection of essays called No Filter and shared more about her refreshing take on the social media landscape and ageing in a new episode of Red Table Talk.

“I make a point of not using filters ever because that’s kind of my thing,” said Porizkova, referring to both her Instagram profile and the photo on the cover of her book. For her, avoiding filters is a way to show what women her age really look like. “I am so delighted when I see a woman my age that looks like I do,” she added.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, look, you have the same wrinkles, or you have the same, like, little weird, wobbly bits here,’” continued Porizkova, gesturing toward the skin on her neck. “And I find it beautiful on them, so I’m kind of hoping to do for other women what some of those women do for me.”

But just because Porizkova’s open and honest about who she is, it doesn’t mean she’s always secure about how her appearance has changed with age. “I am not comfortable with it,” said Porizkova during the interview. “I’m still struggling with it on a daily basis, and I think that that’s kind of where a lot of women fall. I have forehead wrinkles and I have wrinkles here and all the stuff that comes with being lucky enough to live to 57.”

Since she’s a woman in the public eye, sharing photos of herself on social media also comes with a certain amount of criticism. “The amount of, like, ‘Hey, grandma’ that I get…it hurts my ego a little bit,” she said of those who think she’s too old to be posting photos of herself the way she does online. “But, at the same time, isn’t that part of the beauty of becoming older? That we acquire more confidence because we know who we are. And we’re a little easier with just telling people to piss off.”

Given that Porizkova has more than 890,000 followers on Instagram, it seems as though her honesty is making an impact and resonating with others. You can glean more of her words of wisdom by watching the full Red Table Talk interview and reading her memoir.

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