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Pagani cars aren’t built for the faint of heart. They’re the embodiment of automotive purist dreams where artistry and passion collide, from the impeccable aerodynamic styling to the raw V-12 engine rumbling within.

Every Pagani car is made with extreme attention to detail, unparalleled craftsmanship, and bleeding-edge technology to create a thrilling machine unlike any other. A Pagani is more than a car, it’s a symbol of power, prestige, and pure adrenaline.

At a glance

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Name: Pagani Industry: Automotive
Founded: 1992 Founder: Horacio Pagani
Headquarters: Italy Parent organization: Pagani Automobili S.p.A.
Revenue: ~$53 million USD (est.) Website:
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Pagani price

How much does a Pagani cost?

If you want to get a high-performance Italian hypercar in your garage, you need to be willing to part with a significant amount of money. The current Pagani Utopia price starts at a reported $2.5 million.

First released in 2011, the Pagani Huayra price was $1.4 million for the base model. In the resale market, a Pagani Huayra for sale is typically priced anywhere from $2 million to $4 million.

The first Pagani car, the Zonda, was initially priced at $280,000 in 1999. The current value of the Zonda, Huayra, and both of their special edition variants are now significantly higher.

What is the most expensive Pagani?

The most expensive Pagani ever sold is the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta at $17.6 million. Only three units of this exclusive model were created nearly two decades after the original Zonda was released.

The Pagani Huayra Codalunga is another expensive Pagani model, selling for a reported $7.4 million. Only five examples of this stunning long-tail variant were produced.

The other most expensive Pagani cars include the Pagani Imola price of $5.4 million and the Huayra Roadster BC price of $3.4 million.

How much is the cheapest Pagani?

The cheapest Pagani ever sold was the original Pagani Zonda, with a 1999 MSRP of $280,000. After adjusting for inflation, that’s around $505,000, significantly lower than Pagani car prices since then.

For new Pagani prices, the currently produced Utopia starts at a reported $2.5 million, if you are lucky enough to scoop up one of the 99 units.

The Pagani Huayra price was initially $1.4 million in 2011, equivalent to nearly $1.9 million today.

What is the cheapest Pagani electric car?

A Pagani electric car has not yet been created. The Italian hypercar maker has told outlets that it finds the ideal power-to-weight ratio in pure combustion power and that current electric vehicle technology has been too heavy for its targets.

Pagani has recently confirmed that it has not entirely abandoned the idea of an electric Pagani car, but since the new Utopia uses a V-12 engine with no hybrid boost, it seems an EV featuring the Pagani logo is still quite far away.

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About Pagani

History of Pagani

Argentine-Italian businessman Horacio Pagani is the brain behind Pagani cars. His love for engineering and the automotive industry started at a young age in Argentina, building his first F3 racer by age 20.

After helping the Renault racing team for a brief stint, Pagani moved to his father’s homeland of Italy, and once again, fate was in his favor.

Lamborghini hired Horacio Pagani as a low-level worker, but Pagani eventually made his way up to Lamborghini’s chief engineer position. He was the leading force behind the Countach Evoluzione concept.

Pagani then separated from Lamborghini in 1991 and started Modena Design to produce high-end carbon fiber composites. Just one year later, he founded Pagani Automobili S.p.A. to create hypercars of his own design.

After seven years of dedication and overcoming countless hurdles, the Pagani Zonda C12 was released in 1999, featuring a Mercedes-Benz sourced V-12 engine and a stunning mid-engine design with superb aerodynamics and expert craftsmanship.

The Zonda was continuously improved over the years, with many special variants released, including the track-only 2007 Zonda R and its street-legal counterpart, the Zonda Cinque. Pagani designs have solidified its footing as a serious contender in the hypercar world.

In 2011, the Pagani Huayra was released, ushering in a second-generation model, which would again go on to fame and glory. The Huayra Codalunga was the final iteration, with the 5-unit series selling for a reported $7.4 million each.

The third and most recent model to come from Pagani Automotive is the Pagani Utopia. It remains a lightweight V-12-powered beast with an available seven-speed gated manual transmission, making it a rare breed in today’s world of automatic transmissions and electric power.

Understanding Pagani car range

The Pagani car range includes three models, although many special edition variants and bespoke one-off models have also been created.

The Pagani Zonda is the first Pagani car ever made, released in 2011, and its name comes from a wind that sweeps over the Andes into the Argentine pampas. The Zonda was quickly upgraded with a larger engine to the Zonda S, then made faster into the Zonda F after Formula 1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio, and transformed into a track-focused monster in the Zonda R.

Another variant was released in 2010 as the Zonda Tricolore, named after Frecce Tricolori, the Italian Air Force’s aerobatic squadron. The final Zonda variant was the HP Barchetta, coming out in 2017, referencing the boat-like shape as barchetta is an Italian word that means small boat.

Pagani’s second model, Huayra, takes its name from an ancient god of wind reigning over South America’s Andean cordillera. The Huayra BC was named after Pagani’s first customer Benny Caiola. And the Huayra Codalunga is the Italian word for long tail, describing the body style of the variant.

Utopia breaks from the wind-based monikers, instead focusing on the pursuit of perfection.

Interesting facts about Pagani

Every Pagani model has used a Mercedes-Benz-sourced V-12 engine. The Zonda featured a naturally-aspirated version, then Huayra added twin turbochargers, which are carried over into the Utopia.

In a departure from usual naming restrictions, AMG and Mercedes have allowed the engine to be called the Pagani V-12.

Pagani automobiles set themselves apart from other hypercars by limiting electronic involvement. This keeps weight to a minimum and provides an unfiltered connection between man and machine.

Where is Pagani made?

All Pagani cars are made in San Cesario Sul Panaro, Italy, located southeast of the city of Modena. Horacio Pagani founded the company in this location where it continues to operate under his command today.

Pagani electric cars

Pagani has not yet released an electric car, instead choosing to remain focused on delivering extremely lightweight models propelled by a massive V-12 engine that lacks any hybrid component. 

The luxury brand has indicated that a Pagani electric car might be in the future, but for now, you’ll have to look at the best electric cars, electric motorcycles, or electric cars for kids to get your EV fix.

Pagani models

Let’s dive into the list of the Pagani lineup of today and the past.

Pagani Utopia

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After more than six years in development, the third model to come from the hands of the Pagani craftsmen is ready to rip down the road. Once again, this Pagani auto showcases the relentless dedication to a pure driving experience on a museum-worthy art piece, limited to just 99 units.

Pagani infused aerodynamic qualities into the Utopia’s sculpted bodywork. The clamshell doors feature exterior leather straps for a unique, elegant touch.

While some hypercars like the Lotus Evija step into next-gen EV technology, Pagani uses nothing but a twin-turbo V-12 engine paired to an available seven-speed gated manual transmission.

Like exclusive Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, and Lamborghini models, this beauty will be hard to catch.

Price: Starting at $2.5 million
Release year: 2023
Engine: 5.98L twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG V-12
Top speed: >230 mph – 370 km/h (est.)
0-60 mph: 2.8 sec (est.)
Power: 864 hp
Torque: 811 lb-ft

Pagani Huayra

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As the second model from Pagani, the Huayra had big shoes to fill. A hypercar maker doesn’t shy away from a challenge and the Huayra made bold steps forward, grabbing Top Gear’s 2012 Hypercar of the Year award.

Although many special variants were released, only 100 units of the original base Pagani Huayra were made. Unlike the Ferrari SF90 Stradale or other hybrid hypercars, the Huayra featured pure combustion power through a bespoke Mercedes-AMG-sourced twin-turbo V-12 engine with a whopping 730 horsepower.

A titanium exhaust system with hydroformed joints provides ideal airflow, dry sump lubrication guarantees oil circulation through extreme G-forces, and active aerodynamics keeps the rubber on the road.

The Pagani Huayra might not have the same top speed as the fastest cars, but it’ll scorch down any track with reckless abandon. 

Price: Starting at $1.4 million (base MSRP)
Release year: 2011
Engine: 5.98L twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG V-12
Top speed: 224 mph – 360 km/h
0-60 mph: 3.0 sec
Power: 730 hp
Torque: 738 lb-ft

Pagani Huayra Codalunga

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One of the most exclusive and stunning variants of the Huayra came in 2022 as the Pagani Huayra Codalunga. The Italian name translates to long tail, referencing the body shape of the 1960s supercars such as the Porsche 917.

Pagani Grandi Complicazioni coachbuilding division transformed nearly every aspect of the Huayra’s body panels, then continued through the Pagani Huayra interior with a stunning aviation-inspired combination of supple leather, machined aluminum, and components color-matched to the exterior.

Limited to only 5 units, the Pagani Huayra Codalunga price started at a sky-high $7.4 million, making it one of the most expensive cars in the world. Perhaps someday it will grace our list of the best classic cars ever made.

Price: Starting at $7.4 million
Release year: 2022
Engine: 5.98L twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG V-12
Top speed: Unspecified
0-60 mph: Unspecified
Power: 840 hp
Torque: 811 lb-ft

Pagani Huayra Roadster BC

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In memoriam of Pagani’s first customer, Italian entrepreneur Benny Caiola, the luxury automaker released the Huayra BC variant in 2016, limited to 20 units. Then in 2017, 100 units of the Pagani Huayra Roadster with a removable top started production.

After those variants, the Pagani Huayra Roadster BC was released in 2019, quickly taking over as the hottest Huayra model. High-performance upgrades included a new Carbo-Titanium chassis and large rear wing, along with a striking tri-tone paint scheme.

40 units of the Roadster BC were produced, making it significantly more exclusive than high-volume models from talented luxury automakers like Audi, BMW, and Aston Martin.

Price: Starting at $3.4 million
Release year: 2019
Engine: 5.98L twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG V-12
Top speed: 230 mph – 370 km/h (est.)
0-60 mph: 3.3 sec
Power: 791 hp
Torque: 774 lb-ft

Pagani Zonda

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The roots of the Zonda stretch back to the 1980s when Horacio Pagani started to put pen to paper. After nearly two decades of tireless effort, the first Horacio Pagani auto was finally ready for production in 1999 as the Zonda C12.

The Zonda rippled across the hypercar industry, proving another serious competitor had arrived with the performance and style to impress. In a nod to the historic 1930s Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows, the Zonda’s exterior features long, sharp lines that accentuate its speed.

Naturally-aspirated Mercedes-Benz V-12 engines provide adrenaline-inducing power, starting with a 5.98L version before quickly jumping up to 7.01L in the Pagani Zonda S and again higher to 7.29L in the Zonda S 7.3.

The track-only Pagani Zonda R came out in 2007, utilizing an entirely different 6.0L GT 112 from the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR. Five street-legal examples of the R hit the streets as the Zonda Cinque.

Price: Starting at $280,000 (1999 MSRP)
Release year: 1999
Engine: 5.98L, 7.01L, or 7.29L Mercedes-AMG V-12
Top speed: >221 mph – 356 km/h
0-60 mph: 3.4 to 4.2 sec
Power: 789 to 395 hp
Torque: 627 to 420 lb-ft

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

pagani brand pagani zonda hp barchetta - Luxe Digital

The Pagani Zonda came in more than ten special variants and no less than a dozen one-off bespoke Zonda models made to individual customer specifications. Many featured unique paint schemes, including a vibrant purple 2012 Pagani Zonda 760LH commissioned by Formula 1 driver and fashion icon Lewis Hamilton.

But the best was saved for last.

To celebrate Horacio Pagani’s 60th birthday and the 18th anniversary of the Zonda’s release, the luxury brand created the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, a more powerful variant with a sleek barchetta boat-inspired body style. 

The wrap-around windscreen meets a roofless cabin, providing a view into the pristine Pagani Zonda interior. Carbon-fiber panels stretch out around the rear wheels.

The Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta price is in another realm, with one example selling for a reported $17.6 million.

Price: $17.6 million
Release year: 2018
Engine: 7.29L Mercedes-AMG V-12
Top speed: >221 mph – 356 km/h
0-60 mph: 3.4 sec
Power: 789 hp
Torque: 627 lb-ft

Pagani customer service number

Speak with a knowledgeable staff member by calling the Pagani customer service number at +39-059-473-9201. You can also email questions to Pagani at or reach the sales department at

Pagani social media profiles

To stay informed about the latest Pagani information and events, follow the official Pagani social media profiles:

Frequently asked questions about Pagani

How much does a Pagani cost?

How much a Pagani car costs depends on the model. The most expensive models are the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta at $17.6 million and the Pagani Huayra Codalunga at $7.4 million. The Pagani Huayra cost $1.4 million, while the Pagani Utopia is $2.5 million.

Who makes the Pagani car?

Pagani cars are made by Pagani Automobili S.p.A., a private company based in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena, Italy. Horacio Pagani founded the company in 1992 and has released three hypercar models, including the Zonda, Huayra, and Utopia.

Why is Pagani illegal in the US?

Some Pagani cars were illegal in the US due to safety and regulatory issues related to airbags and crash testing, forcing some models like the Huayra to use a restricted Show or Display title. Most reports indicate Pagani has now met legal requirements.

How much is the cheapest Pagani?

The cheapest Pagani car for the current model, the Pagani Utopia, starts at $2.4 million. In the past, the base Pagani Huayra sold for $1.4 million in 2011, and the first Pagani model, the Zonda, was priced at $280,000 in 1999.