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Pay homage to your favourite city with stylish street shots by local artists.

One of the most unique things about Hong Kong is its cityscape. Walking along the streets, every step is a juxtaposition. For every cha chaan teng you pass, there’s a new hip café next door. For every Michelin-starred restaurant, there’s a dai pai dong set up with folding tables and plastic stools. And at night, the city comes alive with its neon street signs. But I don’t need to tell you that — you’ve experienced it all yourself.

We Hongkongers are simple. When it comes down to it, we love our city and will defend it fiercely should anyone (other than ourselves, of course) dare to criticise it. So, what better way to honour our home and support local talent than to bring home a piece of Hong Kong’s streetscape?

Founded in 2019 by two French expats, Steven and Richard, KAKAHUETTE is an affordable art gallery offering high quality and limited edition art prints for the home. Its Hong Kong photography collection is highly popular among Hongkongers with an appreciation for art. With a library of over 500 photos available in five sizes and various framing options, all of KAKAHUETTE’s prints are limited and come delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

For the best street art, comb through the Hong Kong collection, which encompasses every style imaginable — Hong Kong drone shots, trademark red taxi photos, cyberpunk and neon lights, as well as iconic places like the ICC building, Temple Street Market, The Peak and Victoria Harbour.

By far the most popular photos of the collection are the street photos, in particular cyberpunk shots. “We think that the street photos say something about life; they speak to us; they fill us with an emotion, or they give us insight. They bring a special memory or a feeling that our customers had at this place,” say Steven and Richard.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of buying art from KAKAHUETTE is that it works with local artists to give them a platform to showcase and sell their work. Each photographer is specially chosen by the team, who deals with a large number of requests daily. “Our team curates very talented artists. So not only do they have to be excellent photographers but also we want to feel the emotion in each of their photos. Emotion is key for us. We want our customers to feel it. Our photographers have a real passion for this art.”

The relationship between KAKAHUETTE and its photographers is a two-way street. Recently, the art gallery organised an exhibition in PMQ with some of its Hong Kong photographers, giving a new platform for them to showcase their work. “It was a memorable moment when we met [our photographers] with their family and friends,” say Steven and Richard. “We were extremely proud and we hope that we can host another exhibition after the pandemic.”

If you’re convinced you want a piece of KAKAHUETTE’s street art, but aren’t sure which to choose, the founders have their suggestions.

Steven’s favourite work is Memories Were Meant To Face by Ivan Font, a moody and cinematic photo depicting a scene of heavy rain with reflections on the floor and a profusion of neon colours. For Richard, it’s Frigus by Andrew Ives, a wide street shot of Hong Kong Island, with mesmerising details of each building lit by the grey skies above it.

Shop KAKAHUETTE’s Hong Kong photography collection here.

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