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Close the Seamless app, because we already know you’re having pizza for dinner—and it’s all courtesy of this excellent Ooni pizza oven sale. After years of either having to settle for Domino’s, schlepping to your local pizzeria, or, gasp, trying to make your own pizza in your sub-par oven, Ooni made it easy, affordable, and down-right fun to make exceptional pies at home (given you have a backyard or outdoor space). The brand makes a handful of pizza ovens, each specializing in cooking pies with a different type of fuel (charcoal, gas, or wood). Right now, its multi-fuel Karu 12 (denoting it makes pizzas up to 12 inches in diameter) is $100 smackaroos less than usual, bringing it down to $299.

Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven

What makes the Karu—and all of Oonis’ pizza ovens in general—so great is its innate ability to make you feel like you’ve been training to make pizza all your life, even if you’re using Youtube as your teacher. The 26-pound device makes it light enough to take around, so those without an outdoor space—because you can’t use this thing indoors—can venture out to a nearby park or tailgate to start slinging pies. You can’t make a quality pizza in a standard kitchen oven because they simply cannot get hot enough to perfectly cook a crust. The Karu impressively reaches temperatures up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit, doing so in about 15 minutes—or as long as it takes for you to decide what to order from a food delivery app.

Out of the box, Karu is ready to burn wood or charcoal to cook pies, but the option to add a gas hookup makes this a truly impressive pizza oven. And, just so you know, this thing doesn’t only need to make pizzas. Try baking a wood-fired focaccia or cooking any variety of protein, whether it’s a steak or some shrimp. Do you really need a pizza oven? Well at its current sale price of $299, you’d only need to make about 15 pies (if you’re assuming a 12-inch pie costs around $20) to get your money’s worth. Scoop up one of these Ooni Karu pizza ovens, and the next pizza party’s on you.