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Ukraine is full of riches, with the best agricultural lands in Europe and with minerals beyond belief. Glaciers over Europe left an abundance of fertile land in Ukraine (later known as the breadbasket of Europe). That’s why every country around Ukraine invaded it. With farm implements, the men were always at war against invaders, while the women worked the farms and raised the babies. 

Vladimir Putin said he was on a mission to clear Ukraine of all Nazis. He believes all Ukrainians are Nazis and that’s why he’s bombing apartments, schools, hospitals and residential homes. So far, he’s forced 7 million people to vacate Ukraine. 

He wants the rich Ukrainian land.  

The Agreement: Why we send aid to Ukraine 

It was only after intense pressure from Washington, D.C., that the presidents of Ukraine, Russia and the U.S. signed the January 1994 Trilateral Statement, under which the U.S., Russia and Britain also agreed to provide Ukraine with security assurances that helped pave the way for Kiev’s December 1994 accession to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty as a non-nuclear-weapon state. These security guarantees from the world’s nuclear powers were something Ukraine never had before, previously being at the mercy of all invading forces. In addition, the U.S. reaffirmed its commitment to provide Ukraine with assistance in dismantling the former Soviet weapons through the cooperative threat reduction program, commonly referred to as the “Nunn-Lugar” security assistance program. Under the 1994 agreement, Ukraine was to receive $1 billion in compensation from Russia for giving up the nuclear weapons. 

“However, Ukraine received only a fraction of the nearly $1 billion in aid promised by the international community to offset the losses of sealing Chernobyl and to finish building two other Ukrainian nuclear power stations,” according to Chernobylinform. 

By June 1, 1996, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma announced all nuclear weapons (4,000) had been removed from Ukraine and transferred to Russia. With U.S. assistance, Russia should be the only former Soviet republic with nuclear weapons. According to International Press Service: “As well as providing security assurances, both the U.S. and Russia pledged economic assistance. Washington agreed to provide about $900 million in aid during 1994-95, including $350 million for dismantling nuclear weapons and transferring the warheads to Russia. 

“The U.S. also provided $350 million for economic restructuring, $100 million for importing food and oil and $100 million for privatization projects. In 1995 the U.S. added an extra $20 million to the total budget for missile dismantling. 

“Russia agreed to provide Ukraine with nuclear fuel and financial assistance for disarmament worth about $1 billion in return for the nuclear warheads. Moscow also forgave a substantial part of Ukraine’s oil and gas debt ($450 million).” 

Aid to Ukraine: Ukraine under Russian invasion doesn’t stand a chance without U.S. aid. 

The George W. Bush administration gave the least amount of aid to Ukraine — from 2001 to 2008, about $1.1 billion. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (2004-2010) was poisoned in 2004 during Bush’s term. The Orange Revolution was 2004-2005. 

In 2010 pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych was elected and then removed by the masses in the 2014 Euromaiden Revolution. While Petro Poroshenko, the chocolate king, was elected in 2014, Russia invaded Crimea and Eastern Ukraine during Barack Obama’s presidency. The Obama administration refused to send weapons, but sent mostly non-lethal aids such as night vision goggles, Humvees, patrol boats, body armor, humanitarian assistance and U.S. military trainers. 

The U.S. had an agreed-upon obligation to protect Ukraine from Russia, which Obama failed to do during the 2014 Crimea takeover, allowing Russia to invade the Ukrainian boundaries. This is Putin’s attempt to rebuild the USSR — first with Georgia in 2008, then the military alliance with Belarus and in 2022 the invasion of Ukraine. 

Ukraine has been labeled as corrupt. Hillary Clinton, Obama, Hunter Biden, Anthony Fauci (among others) were complicit in giving Ukraine a reputation that the Ukrainian government is corrupt. According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and a watchdog group, Nashi Groshi (Our Money), they were siphoning off the aid being given to Ukraine. The masses are very poor and had little influence on the government corruption. 

President Donald Trump provided anti-aircraft Javelin missiles in 2018. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was installed as president May 2019 during Trump’s term. 

The real Ukrainian history was never allowed to be told. The winners get to write the history. The U.S. supported both Russia and Poland. After 1945, Ukraine fought a three-front war until 1950 against Russia, Poland and Germany. Ukrainians always wanted freedom.  

Ukraine asked the U.S. numerous times for assistance. The U.S. helped divide Ukraine between Poland and Russia along the Curzon Line after World War I and World War II. The CIA/Obama /Biden administration ransacked Ukraine, filling their pockets with oligarch cash, promised support and provided blankets instead of ammo. Is the current $13.6-billion aid package to Ukraine being siphoned off? Will the $40 billion be siphoned off? 

Ukrainians and Russians are not brothers, that’s a historic myth. Ukrainians are pureblood Slavs (from the West), but Russians are a Ugro-Finnish blend. Joseph Stalin did a massive job of homogenizing and mixing up the peoples: moving Russians into Ukrainian lands while pushing Ukrainians far into East Russia and Siberia. (Source: www.hollywoodnews.com/ukraine-ukrainians-slavic-russ8ahset.) 

Kievan Rus was Ukrainian before Russia adopted the name Russia. Originally called Muscovy, they usurped Ukraine’s grand history. Russia forbade Ukrainian history whenever it ruled over the Ukrainians. 

Olga Kaczmar

Santa Clarita

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