No Valentine’s Day plans? These video games are perfect for couples

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No Valentine’s Day plans? These video games are perfect for couples

Skip the fancy dinners and staycations today. A video game date night is where it’s at. Here’s a list of video games you can play this Valentine’s Day with your special someone.

The joy of gaming is best experienced when it’s shared. Back in the day, split-screen two-player games were great when friends came over, and while online multiplayer makes it so much easier to play together, there’s a novelty with split-screen. That’s why if you’re lucky enough to have a partner in your life, gaming with them is perhaps the purest form of love you can ever express (what is marriage, anyway?). And if both of you are already gamers, then you’ve already won the jackpot.

So forego the old usual stuff of dinners and flowers and instead spend today gaming. But for those of you who might be stumped as to what to play as a couple on Valentine’s Day, this list of the best video games might help you out.

Video games you can play as a couple on Valentine’s Day

For the couple that wants to go on an adventure: It Takes Two

Available on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

The 2021 Game of the Year award recipient won the accolade for a good reason. It was also surprising because It Takes Two is specifically designed as a two-player game and not a lot of its kind wins Game of the Year. The story of a couple who suddenly find themselves possessing the body of dolls and having to figure out a way back to their own bodies makes for a great co-op video game that will take you and your special someone on a great adventure this Valentine’s Day. You might even find yourself stuck on the couch for a while. You’ve been warned.

For the couple that wants to break up but can’t find a good opportunity to do it: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Available on Switch

If you feel that your relationship has run its course but you can’t find a good way to end it, look no further than Super Mario Kart 8. This game tears people apart and any notion of the loving relationship you have will be reduced to pieces when the both of you start racing on Toad Harbor. And who doesn’t get infuriated when you get hit by a blue shell? Whether you win or you lose, if you play this game as a couple, you’re going to be single afterwards. 

For the couple that has a third person in their relationship: Apex Legends

Available on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch

Whether you have a kid, a constant third-wheel, or you’re in an open relationship like that, hop into Apex Legend’s battle royale and see if the three of you can come out on top. If this third person is constantly attached to both of you, then squadding up to play against a bunch of other trios is a great way to develop your relationship. Hey, nothing says I care about you more than when reviving a teammate in the middle of a firefight at the gardens in Olympus. Oh wait, the devs haven’t brought back Olympus. Dang it. Anyways, it’s a great game for your throuple… or for your third wheel friend or to play with your kid.

For the couple that likes horror and comedy: Phasmophobia

Available on PC

What’s the best date night? Is it a dinner on the riverside, a night out clubbing, or a cosy movie indoors? It’s none of those, because the correct answer is ghost hunting, duh. So take your partner, arm yourself with flashlights and a video camera, and explore abandoned schools and haunted houses in the hopes that you can identify what ghost is lurking within their walls —and, y’know, not get killed by the ghost in the process. Like the saying goes, nothing brings a couple together than booking their first Jinn. 

For the couple that wants to prove they can survive anything: The Forest

Available on PC and PS4

If you think the both of you are such a perfect pair that you complement each other to a tee then there’s no better test than playing The Forest. You experience a plane crash but not before seeing your character’s son abducted by a bloody man. You then have to survive in the unknown forest in search of your son all while a bunch of cannibalistic mutants hunt you down. It can get scary, but more than that, it also tests your teamwork because you’re gonna have to figure out who cuts down the trees and who builds the house for your little base.

For the couple that just wants to chill: Minecraft

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

You can never go wrong with Minecraft. The game’s soothing soundtrack and utterly addictive sandbox gameplay will make the both of you lose hours in this. You can get busy creating a base, get lost mining underground, or just explore the world. While it’s already fun to play by yourself, imagine how much more fun it will be playing with your special someone. There’s nothing like constructing a castle on a cliff or exploring the Nether with the person you love most.

For the couple that likes chaos: Overcooked: All You Can Eat

Available on PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch

Horror games can get your blood pumping but they don’t compare to Overcooked. The sheer panic that takes over you while playing this game is indescribable. And since having a special someone in your life means sharing everything, have them play with you so they can also get their blood pressure rising. Get those orders out, navigate through kitchens that get more and more complicated with each level, and we dare you to play one game without screaming. 

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok

(Main and Featured Image: Cottonbro Studio/Pexels)

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