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Today, Seiko is launching three new Prospex King Sumo watches. This launch is very exciting and is, as always, eagerly awaited by fans of the brand. This release consists of three timepieces, with one special edition model. Each watch has an eye-catching design with Seiko’s iconic style. The watches are designed to be fashionable and practical diver watches that can be worn day to day or for underwater dives. The new models are part of the brand’s famous Prospex collection. The collection gained this name as it combines professional style with high-quality specifications. Each model in this launch is in Seiko’s well-loved Sumo design. It is named as such due to its distinctive size and shape and bold 12 o’clock marker. These watches will be practical, reliable and durable, ensuring they will become the perfect companion in daily life and diving.

The New Prospex King Sumo Watches

Prospex King Sumo Blue Gradation Diver SPB321J1

This watch exhibits an appealing blue colour palette that makes it perfect for those who love to express their style through their timepiece. The watch is designed in a classic Seiko Sumo design but has been updated with modern features. This model features a blue dial with a fine pressed pattern and gradations of blue shades. This dial is adorned with both dot and baton indices that ensure the dial is easy to read. The dial also features a date aperture alongside silver hour, minute and second hands. A blue ceramic bezel frames the dial. Each feature on the dial is luminous to ensure that they can be seen in the dark and underwater.

The automatic movement that powers this model is housed within a stainless steel case. This provides the timepiece with a good level of durability as both the case and bracelet are treated with a super hard coating. The watch is secured using a classic stainless steel bracelet that is suitable for all occasions. Additionally, this model is water resistant up to 200 metres, making it suitable for some diving activities.

Prospex King Sumo Grey Gradation Diver SPB323J1

This model also features many of the new and updated features that have been developed for this launch. The timepiece features a fine pressed pattern dial with a gradation of grey, providing an unusual and eye-catching look. This dial features luminous dot and baton indices alongside luminous silver hour, minute and second hands. The classic tones used in the design of this dial make the watch easy to style and wear for any occasion. The dial is framed by a black ceramic bezel. Ceramic is a desirable material in watchmaking as it is both lightweight and very durable. The automatic movement that powers the watch is housed within the super hard coated stainless steel case. A stainless steel bracelet completes the classic and timeless design of this model. The bracelet is also treated with a super hard coating to ensure long-lasting and durable wear.

Prospex PADI King Sumo Diver SPB325J1

This model is perhaps the most exciting in this launch. The watch will be very desirable for both fans of the Seiko brand and PADI enthusiasts. PADI is the acronym for The Professional Association of Diving Institution. This organisation is the world’s leading scuba diving training organisation. It also prides itself on unifying divers around the globe who share a passion for adventure and a love of the ocean. This watch is special as the PADI collection is exclusive to Seiko. It is the only brand to design professional diver’s watches in the official PADI colours that feature the PADI logo.

This model features a black fine pressed pattern dial that is detailed with the PADI logo. The dial is also adorned with dot and baton indices and a date aperture. The hour hand is silver, the minute hand is blue and the second hand is black. Each hand is detailed with a luminous treatment. The automatic movement that powers these features is housed within the stainless steel case. The watch is secured on the wrist using a blue accordion-style silicone strap. This strap is unique as it was invented by Seiko in 1975 as a practical solution to the change in the size of the diver’s wrist at different depths. This watch is water resistant up to 200 metres, making it a brilliant diving companion.

What are your thoughts on the new Prospex King Sumo watches? Which of the three models caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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