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After losing a battles to sneaker behemoths Vans and Nike, MSCHF is still pumping with its wild releases. The collective stays in high spirits for its 77th drop, blessing your palate with a priest and holy water on its side.

Blessings? Priest? Holy water? Hold tight. I’m getting there.

For its latest drop, MSCHF wants you to “get crunk on Christ” (they said it, not me) with its holy water-spiked seltzer beverage, appropriately named the “Sacred Seltzer.”


The Sacred Seltzer — which launches in a $24 six-pack today on MSCHF’s site — comes in three flavors: cherry, mango, and lime — all of which consist of 5% alcohol…and 95% priest-blessed holy water.

Yes, you heard me. MSCHF wasn’t playing games when it said its Sacred Seltzer was a spiked holy water beverage. For Christ’s sake, a real Catholic priest blessed the contents in compliance with the church’s very-real standard procedure.

Don’t believe me? MSCHF even has a video of the blessing, which took place in Los Angeles County, to prove it.


This isn’t shocking coming from the brand with blood-toting “Satan Shoes,” the holy-water “Jesus Shoes,” and the Sunday Service Chic-fil-A meals served in “666” bags.

MSCHF lives for ruffling the feathers of the conservative Christians of the world, telling Highsnobiety, “Christianity is obviously a potent cultural element in the US and therefore attractive for us to play with.”


If you couldn’t tell that MSCHF enjoys poking at religion based its past drops, I’m sure its Sacred Seltzer is enough confirmation for you.

If not, there’s always the MSCHF Sacred Seltzer site, which allows you to tweet at Pope Francis (but it’s actually a tweet to MSCHF) and view the VeggieTales “Bible Story” collection if you’re under 21.

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