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MontBlanc and Ferrari have each been creating excellent designs with superior quality materials. It is therefore quite natural that each collaboration between these two brands lead to incredible creations.

Montblanc and Ferrari offer us a high-end writing instrument inspired by the sumptuous lines of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 from Maranello.

This new collaboration gives birth to the Stilema SP3 limited edition 599. Made of titanium, a material that directly echoes the cars of the Italian brand. When you look at it, Stilema immediately evokes the lines and powerful look of the Ferrari. The blade on this writing instrument is made of red precious resin and evokes at first glance the tail lights of the Ferrari Daytona SP3.

Because everything on this object has been thought of in the smallest details, the nib is made of solid white gold and Stilema is equipped with a unique ink refill mechanism that is only revealed once the red blade is lifted and the blade is put back in place. At that point Stilema is on the starting line, ready to write!

To purchase this unique writing instrument, visit the MONTBLANC website.

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