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Calvin Klein, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The latest campaign from Calvin Klein starring Michael B. Jordan, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Kendall Jenner among others has dropped and it’s giving ripped and shredded. As in ripped abs and shredded physiques.

Shot by the talented lens of photographer duo Mert & Marcus aka Mert Alaş & Marcus Piggott, according to the brief (pun) the concept behind the shoot was to reveal the true nature of the individuals in the campaign.

Whether that was confidence a la Creed star Michael B. Jordan or the charisma of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, it highlights the way that Calvin Klein – right down to our underwear – becomes a touch point for individual expression.

Calvin Klein, michael B. jordan

Known for its stripped back – literally – shoots that highlight the minimalist nature of the clothing itself, the new Spring 2023 brings a new level of sensuality.

One of the earliest adopters of androgyny and the concept of genderless fashion and fragrance (cK Be is and always will be a staple, invest in a classic) for the Spring 2023 concept, Calvin Klein plays with archetypes of masculine and feminine in a more nuanced manner.

Calvin Klein, Kendall Jenner

While there’s still the standard posturing that speak to the physicality of each – seriously, Taylor-Johnson is even more stacked here than he was for his role as the ill-fated Pietro Maximoff in Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron – direction behind the camera has flipped the scripts somewhat.

Calvin Klein, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Kendall Jenner’s giving as much flex as the guys while Jordan, another former Marvel star who has beefed up post-role, is shot languid on the floor. It’s a nice touch, reflect on the way that hardness and softness is contained with all of us.

But biceps and pecs aside, the purpose of the campaign is of course about the new collection. Underwear now comes in sportier fits that make movement more comfortable while offering better support. Denim is inspired by the brand’s ’90s with straight-leg, functional silhouettes.