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Santa Clarita Valley resident Joseph White has plans.  

He knows the people of Ukraine are in dire need of help. He’s seen it firsthand on several occasions during his travels to various regions of the country, including the nation’s capital Kyiv, the western city of Lviv, the eastern city of Kharkiv and more while providing humanitarian aid alongside medical professionals, different organizations and some that are religion-based.  

White saw what once were beautiful cities reduced to rubble. He met hundreds of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers in need of medical aid, food and warm clothes due to the war being waged by Russia against Ukraine.  

Every little bit of help can change a life, White said, and that’s why he offers all the help he can provide. White said he’s looking to gather donations from the SCV and match a portion of them himself to support the people of Ukraine. 

“It’s a blessing to see so many people coming and helping,” White said. “The U.S., they spent billions of dollars in aid, but when you look at it, it’s mostly [military] vehicles or equipment.” 

“But what other people are supplying like tourniquets, food, and those types of items are also necessary,” he continued. “Hopefully, this (aid) continues, and the war can stop soon because there’s a lot of people dying.” 

Santa Clarita Valley resident Joseph White wears gear when he travels around the many regions of Ukraine. He said the American and Ukraine flags bring joy to those he helps. Photo courtesy of Joseph White

In his most recent trip to Ukraine in late December, he helped medical professionals render many health services. He also brought and distributed food, medicine, blankets, warm clothes and portable solar-powered generators.  

“I was able to help around 30 individuals within two to three days,” White said. “I’m able to help people through physical therapy and massage therapy.”  

There was a woman who even traveled at least two hours to come see him. He noted that people will do whatever it takes to get the help they need.  

In previous interviews with The Signal, White said his parents Greg and HueChon inspired him because they constantly lend a helping hand to others. For example, White recalled his father helped an orphanage sometime during his recent trip to Ukraine. 

“The kids were sleeping on basically wood pallets with blankets over them,” White said. 

White’s father was able to purchase bunk beds and mattresses, and those kids now have a better place to sleep.  

Greg White, Joseph’s father, sits inside the children’s room of an orphanage in Ukraine. White said his father helped purchase beds and replace the wood pallets the children sleep on. Photo courtesy of Joseph White

According to White, he will plan a future trip to Ukraine in several months. He’s also working toward opening a rehab center and supporting that endeavor through establishing a nonprofit.  

“That rehab center would be helping a lot of people with those musculoskeletal conditions and possibly help people deal with any PTSD,” White said.  

White said he’ll raise funds first via GoFundMe and match up to $2,500. He’ll use those funds to purchase various supplies to bring with him on his next trip to Ukraine.  

For those interested in contributing, visit bit.ly/3IAYSPZ