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July 2022 horoscope

The stars have a beautiful message for us this week. Here’s your weekly horoscope for the week of 4-10 July 2022.

After an intense and overwhelming new moon that took us to murky depths, perhaps even triggering dark nights of the soul for many of us, the Moon has begun to increase it’s light, and it waxes it’s way to end the week with a conjunction with it’s South Node (Ketu), where it’s opening powerful psychic channels of awareness. This is aided by the fact that Mercury unites with the Sun in a powerful conjunction, bringing us flashes of divine inspiration. The stars have beautiful messages for us that have been lovingly divined by the Tarot – reminding us that we all have Angels and an entire team of spiritual guides and guardians willing to help us  whenever we ask them.

Horoscope for July 4 through July 10

Aries July 2022 horoscope


This is a powerful week for you to practice the spiritual art of forgiving. Understand that there is no point holding onto the past, for not only will it make your heart heavy with hardened stale emotions, but it’ll also stall the progress of your soul in it’s evolutionary journey. This is the first step towards building a new life because in order to start something new, we need to clear the old and make space. There’s no point trying to build something on the foundation of hate and regret, for even the most beautiful palace will come crumbling down when the foundation is weak. The first step, however, is to learn how to forgive yourself.

It’s only when we learn to forgive ourselves, can we learn to forgive others. Just like with love – how can we love anyone if we cannot love ourselves? The ego prevents us from seeing the role we played in all that has happened. Forgiving ourselves works beautifully in releasing gross emotions like fear, guilt, and shame, and replace them with courage, clarity, and compassion. It’s easier than we think, but sometimes we may need the help of someone to guide us through this journey. Do not hesitate in seeking the help of a qualified healer or therapist as it may perhaps be the biggest act of self love you could ever do.

Taurus July 2022 horoscope


Important spiritual portals are opening up for you this week, where the Divine Forces of ‘The Universe’ shall be ethereally transmitting important cosmic downloads your way. Those of you who have a spiritual practice, or even meditate regularly, be aware of signs, omens, symbols, insights, and even ‘crazy coincidences’. That’s the way ‘The Universe’ communicates with us. You may even get vivid dreams, or your ‘gut instinct’ may guide you with great urgency. Pay attention to your body and to repeating numerical patterns – especially 1111, 666, 9999, or even 333. Seeing these numbers will mean you’re in alignment with your angels, guides, and higher spiritual allies.

Those of you who do not have a spiritual practice, and are sceptical about everything, and find meditation a bore. Do not worry, you will still receive these powerful downloads and insights. They may come to you as ‘sage advice’ from people you love. Some of you may even find your social media algorithms sending you deliberate messages. Maybe even quotes from books, movies, or shows that you’re binge-watching may deeply resonate with your heart. Embrace them and give them the importance they deserve. Your angels love you even if you do not believe in them, because their love for you is unconditional. For all you know – even if you just say, “Angels, give me a sign!” – et voila, you get one staring you right at your face. All you have to do is keep an open mind and an open heart.

Gemini July 2022 horoscope


This is a week to give back. Those of you who have considered giving your time and/or money to a worthy cause – this might be the best week to begin. Even if you do it for a cynical reason – such as tax benefits – that’s okay. The spirit of generosity is what matters. Do not hesitate to help those around you who are in need of your special gifts. Your talents are the boons you have received from, ‘The Universe’, and how you use them is your gift back to ‘The Universe’. The more you use them for the greater good, the more you shall be rewarded in subtle, as well as, in very obvious ways.

It’s also important to remember that you must give only what you can without feeling depleted. There’s a big difference between being generous and being a doormat. Just as there’s a big difference between being conservative with one’s energies and being a hoarder. Boundaries are important, for they’ll keep you from being exhausted, enabling you to give without feeling scarcity in any capacity. Remember, boundaries are different than walls. Walls block blessings from entering because they close us off from the world around us. Boundaries shield us from negative forces, while still allowing blessings of abundance, prosperity, love, and joy to circulate freely without any obstacles. A generous heart is one of compassion, thus allow that to be the motivation behind all actions.

Cancer July 2022 horoscope


You must understand that no matter what your life experiences have been, you have a truly powerful intuitive gift that is yearning to be expressed. This is a powerful week – especially during the weekend – for your ruler, The Moon, shall conjunct with it’s Ketu – where many of you may be guided to a path of spirituality and enlightenment. Some of you may even receive inspiration on how to walk the path towards attaining ‘Nirvana’. Pay attention to your emotional states, and rather than trying to numb or distract yourself from emotional stirrings, sit with all that is churning within you – observe it, learn from it and most importantly, embrace it. Only when we are brave enough to face our ‘darker emotions’ with compassion instead of fear, can we allow our intuitive forces to flourish.

Keep a look out for repeating numerical patterns, especially 222, 2222, 777, 7777, and even 888 and 8888. These are signs that you are in alignment with your higher self, and are being guided on the right path. Even if you do not wish to attain ‘salvation’ (or you don’t believe in the very concept itself) – that’s okay. You’ll still be guided in subtle ways by The Divine Forces. Just remember that you mustn’t let your fears, anxieties, doubts, and apprehensions overwhelm you. If you experience such emotions, or have an unexpected bout of ‘the blues’ – do not fight them. Simply observe them without giving into the temptation of wallowing in them. As long as you trust and believe that ‘The Universe’ has your back – you’ll be delighted by the power of the intuitive forces that have laid dormant within you for so long.

Leo July 2022 horoscope

Leo 2022 horoscope

Dear Leo, you are wise in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. You have a unique and beautiful understanding of not only the world around you, but also the world that’s within you. This kind of deep awareness is a special quality you possess, and it would be wise if you would honour and respect it by paying attention to the guidance it has to offer you in all walks of life. Of course, you should not be hesitant in asking for help, for there are many who are more than happy to support you and see you succeed. However, make sure you first listen to your inner intelligence that’s divinely connected to your ‘Higher Self’, who has all the answers to all the questions you have asked, as well as, those you haven’t even thought about. Some of those answers may even delightfully surprise you in ways you cannot imagine.

Seek, and you shall find! As long as you have faith in yourself and your connection to your ‘Higher Self’, you shall never be led astray. All you have to do is be brave enough to look within instead of focusing on what’s outside and around you. After all, you are a glorious ruler of the zodiacal jungle, that’s perennially blessed by the sun. Where light is the brightest, the shadow that’s cast shall loom the largest. However, it is that shadow that contains wisdom of not just your own karmic journey, but also that of your ancestors – by blood and by spirit. Remember, there’s a big difference between true wisdom and ego rambles. The latter always leaves you feeling angry, embittered, or even creates chaotic sparks that can set the world around you (and within you) aflame. The former is always based on compassion and motivated by peace.

Virgo July 2022 horoscope


It’s high time that you accept that you are meant to serve and uplift the world around you. Whether it’s through acts of charity, or helping those who come to you in their time of need, or just expressing your gifts and talents in a way that can be a source of support and inspiration to others – you are here to be of service! You have a great depth that has more than enough to give to the world, and let’s face it – deep down – you truly love to be ‘useful’. As long as you do it with pure intentions, without selfish motives of any kind, you are literally doing what you’re born to do.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is so important that you establish and maintain healthy boundaries. This way, you can give as much as your heart desires, without feeling drained or depleted in any way. It’s okay to draw a line – just be sure that it is honoured and respected by others, as well as, by yourself. There’s a fine line that separates graceful generosity and masochistic martyrdom. Be sure not to cross it, for some of you may not be able to return to the other side before it’s too late. There’s nothing wrong in saying ‘no’ to the unjust demands of others upon your time and energies. Trust your ‘gut instincts’ and learn to honour your limitations.

Libra July 2022 horoscope


It’s perfectly okay to ask for help, Libra. Doing so is not a sign of weakness, nor does it represent that you’re incompetent or lack any kind of acumen. In fact, the minute you ask for help – you’re actually signalling to ‘The Universe’ that you are willing to walk along your path with fewer obstacles and burdens – enabling to achieve your goals and objectives with greater chances of success. Even if you wish to establish your independence, as well as, prove it to yourself that you are capable of doing things yourself – you must understand that no success story is a solo journey.

All you have to do is simply ask. You don’t have to promise anything in return, nor must you make any sacrifice or solemn oath of giving up something precious. You’d be surprised how many people are more than happy to help you without any kind of expectations. Just remember to express gratitude – for that’ll only strengthen the love and trust between you and them. Do not be afraid to even ask, ‘The Universe’ for help when you need it. You have a powerful ‘spirit squad’ of angels, guides, guardians, ascended masters, and even deities and demigods who are there to help you – whether you believe in them or not. All you have to do is ask.

Scorpio July 2022 horoscope

Scorpio July horoscope

It’s so important that you understand that love, as well as, trust and respect, is a two-way street. If you wish for someone to love, trust, and respect you – you must give them the same in return. Why? Well, imagine how it would feel to give someone love who doesn’t even respect you in return? It’ll just leave you feeling hollow, drained, and will gravely affect your energy levels. Boundaries are key, and it’s important that they are honoured and respected by everyone involved – especially you!

‘The Universe’ wants you to know that one of the ways to heal your heart that has been scarred by such power imbalances in the past, is to work with and nurture animals. Taking care of animals, be it pets, rescues, or even stray ones not only helps us our heart understand unconditional love and compassion, but it also helps neutralise negative karma that’s staining our heart chakra on a cellular level – especially if all you’ve been attracting are toxic relationships within your life. The added spiritual benefit of working with animals is that you shall receive an incredible amount of blessings. Yes, animals do give us blessings – and those blessings are sometimes more powerful that even those given by high ranking priests.

Sagittarius July 2022 horoscope

Sagittarius July horoscope

This week, it’s time for you to spread your wings and fly. Whether that’s literally hopping on a plane for a holiday, or just allowing yourself to follow a flight of fancy – do it! Do not be afraid to take risks, after all, as the old saying goes – the higher the risk – the higher the potential reward (just be mindful whilst making that decision). You’d be surprised how listening to your hunches about people and situations can be eerily accurate, and will support the choices you make. But most of all, do not be afraid to speak your mind without any fear or hesitation. As long as your words and your actions are guided from a place of love and purity, you have nothing to scared of at all!

Remember, you’re the cosmic archer that aims high, and has the ability to hit targets that are miles beyond most people’s myopic horizons. You are also ruled by Jupiter – the planet of ridiculous bouts of ‘good luck’ that can cause you to stumble upon those cosmic ‘right place at the right time’ moments that have the ability to propel you to great heights. Do not be afraid to take that gamble. Just make sure it’s done from a place of love instead of being motivated by one’s ego and greed. The latter always lead to a massive downfall, for they are gross emotions that cause our energies to become dense and heavy – making it harder for us to soar high into the heavens above.

Capricorn July 2022 horoscope

Capricorn July horoscope

It’s important that you understand that happiness lies in our own hands. We are responsible for our joys, as well as, our sorrows. Nobody has the power to make us feel elated or diminished, unless we give them the permission to wield it because we’re too scared to take on the responsibility for our mental (as well as, physical and spiritual) health and emotional stability. Yes, we’ve been through dark experiences that make us feel as though we’ve been to hell and back – sometimes even multiple times. However, the minute we take ownership of all that has happened, we can actually begin to understand the power of our own personal autonomy, and how we can use it to transform our lives for the better.

It’s also important that you remember that this doesn’t have to be a solo effort. Part of being responsible for our happiness is to seek help from those who can help us along the way. Whether it’s from close friends, family, or loved ones – or even help from a qualified therapist and/or healer – please allow yourself the permission to ask for help. You have no idea how much of a relief you’ll feel when you’ve been able to let go of the unwarranted burdens that you carry upon your shoulders. Asking for help will only increase your chances for success.

Aquarius July 2022 horoscope

Aquarius July horoscope

This is a powerful week for you to discover your ‘spirit squad’ that was assigned to you from the moment your soul incarnated into your present lifetime. All of us have spiritual beings whose sole duty it is to love, cherish, guide, and protect all the time. These comprise of angels, archangels, spirit guides, guardians, power animal totems, ascended masters, saints, and even demigods and deities. Even if you don’t believe in their existence, and are sceptical about all matters of spirituality (although, you are reading a horoscope for your sign – ponder that) you have been assigned a ‘spirit squad’ since birth. This week, ‘The Universe’ has opened a powerful energy portal that can enable you to discover them.

For some of you, it’ll be as easy as literally saying out loud, “Spirit Squad, please reveal yourself to me, thank you!” and boom they’ll appear whilst you’re in a meditative state, or even in a dream or a ‘flash’. For others, it may come through more indirect and subtle outlets. Perhaps it’s a deity or spiritual being your ancestors worshipped. Perhaps it’s a being you’ve always been unusually drawn to, but wasn’t able to fathom why. Maybe it’s mythological figures you’ve always been fascinated with. Whoever they may be – this is your week to discover and connect with them. Do so with an open heart and mind, because upon meeting them – they’ll have an important message for you (perhaps even a gift). Remember to express gratitude afterwards, and always ask for their help.

Pisces July 2022 horoscope


You have a beautiful emotional sensitivity that’s linked to your natural intuitive and spiritual gifts. This is perhaps why sometimes the ‘muggle world’ can get oh so draining and exhausting for you – and thus you seek means to ‘escape’. However, rather than numbing yourself through various ‘distractions’, allow yourself to be mindful of your emotional fluxes – especially through sensitive moments where you’re being triggered. You’d be surprised by the treasure trove of emotional and spiritual wealth that’s buried deep within you, and the incredible and fascinating ways it’ll reward you in your life. All it requires is you to be brave enough to trust that you’ll be protected throughout your journey to discovering your intuitive abilities.

It’s also important for you to trust your intuitive and psychic impressions, for these are powerful tools through which, ‘The Universe’ shares it’s divine wisdom with you. No, they are not flukes! Even the most mundane and trivial things that you ‘just guessed’, are divinely guided. If you honour and respect them, you’ll be able to access deeper magical power sources within you. However, if you choose to ignore them, you’ll just block yourself from discovering an incredibly exceptional part of yourself, and go about living a life with untapped potential. Do not be afraid of all that makes you unique and amazing. It’s been given to you for a reason. Might as well make the best use of them.

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